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    Recently I finished DTHC and Nos Ether. Actually, I still have about 7-10 days left of my Nos Ether. I saw some results, but I am satisfied where I am at "size-wise." I want to try to cut up now. I watch what I eat: high protein, low cals, carbs, and sugars. I have been thinking about trying Leviathan Reloaded. I also recently got a Nectar Protein tub (2 lb) from Syntrax. I am taking a week off due to Christmas and kinda feeling sick as well. I haven't taken a week off from training since around August, so I guess it is time.

    Anyway, what do you think about this stack? My cardio is around 4x per week and I train/lift about 4x per week as well.

    DO you recommend adding anything else to this stack?

  2. Sounds pretty good. Some others may also post up their vote for this too - stack it with DCP (NP has a combo price for the two, and the last time I checked it was in stock). DCP has brought pretty amazing results to people looking to lose fat but keep the muscle their worked for. Contains PLCAR too, which is an amazing compound for endurance. I wouldn't be suprised if you didn't lose a signifigant amount strength on your cut, as long as your diet is in cue.

    If it's a bit too expensive for you at the moment, another good consideration would be Primaforce Sesamin liquid (currently on sale for $12 at NP). It will undoubetly last you for your entire cut (or at least 2-3 months) and has been a proven safe way to drop some fat. It actually is beneficial as a health supplement as well - for the kidney and liver. Taken with your fatty meals of the day, 2-3x daily, it can really improve your results... and again, for a real affordable price.

  3. Thanks H01602. I got my LR today and will start on monday. 12/31/07. Got any advice on it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CorpKiller View Post
    Thanks H01602. I got my LR today and will start on monday. 12/31/07. Got any advice on it?
    If you aren't used to taking stimulants, start with the lowest recommended dosage - before breakfast, and before a workout.

    A good addition with Leviathan is as Highland mentioned DCP. This is one of the most popular fat loss stacks on NP right now and a lot of people have been loving the results from stacking the two.

    Otherwise, keep your diet on point and fit in the cardio, don't cut your cals/carbs too low because there's less room for you to manipulate your diet when you get to a plateau.

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