Cardio Stimulant... Preferences

  1. Cardio Stimulant... Preferences

    Looking for a solid pre-cardio stimulant. Have done plently of stims before, but I think I was grabbing them off the supplement forum, which doesn't exactly address cardio purposes as strongly as it does weight lifting purposes.

    My goal is pretty much to have that kick a stim gives you, as I'll be doing all my cardio sessions in the morning. Fat loss is always a plus, but is NOT a top goal for me whatsoever. Would be taking the stim for the kick in the arse in the morning.

    As of late, I've been looking into Geranamine, but I've read a few mixed reviews on it for cardio. I hear it being compared to the old Ephedra, but not as good in some aspects(never tried Ephedra).

    What is your number 1 choice for cardio sessions? I'm basically down to try anything, even Ephedra if there really isn't anything that beats it or comes close to it. What are your choices?

  2. Are you looking for something to help with endurance or something more along the lines of focus?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Are you looking for something to help with endurance or something more along the lines of focus?
    I'd definitly say endurance, but I must admit as well... I'm losing some motivation on some of my longer runs (60 minute sessions 4-5 days a week). Gets so boring!

    But between the two, endurance will always be my top choice.

  4. I am huge fan of ALCAR, BA, and RPM stacked. I use 1.5g ALCAR, 5g BA, and 3 RPM.
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  5. I enjoyed cordygen5 from MST for endurance, and drive helps too

  6. You really dont need a stimulant intill you get into the last 1-2 months of your cut. The first few months , not really needed as tolerance builds up. the less stims you use the more effective theyll be when you do use em. APR50 50 % off
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