Blending Foods

  1. Blending Foods

    Does anyone here blend their entire meals. My family thinks Im insane and disgusting but damn I love it. Im drinkin a Malto-Meal shake now! It so much easier to throw cooked or uncooked food in a blender and frap it... Alot of people think this is disgusting but heating it does alot for not making it seem like puke your drinkin. I saw something on the news about bodybuilders buying up alot of baby food and thought hell Ill make my own!.... hardly any cooking.... not alot of time for preparation!

  2. Dude not to be a jerk but I would think it was pretty gross to. Add in some HCl and you ARE drinking vomit.

  3. LMFAO Bro that is hilarious! To each their own I always say....but I can honestly say the only stuff I want from the blender is the protein shake.....what kinds of foods are you whipping up in there anyway??

  4. Why are bodybuilders earting baby food (mainly fructose) ?

  5. in case you havent noticed there area lot of dumb "bodybuilders " out there

    ie Muscletech is a multi million dollar corporation



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