Most Efficient Fat loss

  1. Most Efficient Fat loss

    I saw Layne Norton talk about a program where you Bulk for 6 weeks and cut for 1. What are you thought on this/this type of program. It makes sense, so your not in a catabolic state and 1-2 weeks of fat loss isnt long enough to get out of the anabolic state your body will still be in.

  2. I think he does 4w bulk, 2w cut now. I forget the reasoning, but there was one point which sounded good. I forget a lot of stuff I read, hear, or see about nutri/training.

  3. Yeah I believe it was to take advantage of heightened metabolic rate. Very interested in how you do if you choose this method.

  4. What about using CKD or anabolic diet with higher cals on the low carb 5 day split, and then higher/longer carb loads on the weekend.

    Then on the cutting phase bring the cals during the week down to 12x bodyweight, and pyramid cals to avoid thyroid slowing down. So like Monday 1500 cals, Tuesday 2000 cals, Wednesday 3000 cals, Thursday 2000 cals, Friday 1500 cals, then have a shorter carb refeed like 36 hours instead of 48, yet leave calories maintenance like say 3500 on the weekend.

    Endless posibilities.....

  5. when you initially go into a cut the weight/fat comes off very quickly due to elevated T3 levels. This increase is due to a hypercaloric diet, this can also be related to how when we get down to very low body fat percentages our libido isn't always through the roof. Anyway, bulking for a few weeks then taking the advantage of your natural hormonal levels you can lose the fat quicker that you may have gained during that bulk. Basically, for a 100% natural bodybuilder (no PH's) this can be a very effective method for maximizing fat loss.

  6. I normally can't stand self proclaimed bodybuilding gurus, but Layne's got some serious academic credentials, so I respect his advice.

    In theory that idea about switching to cutting by exploiting some of the effects of a bulk phase sounds good. I'd love to hear someone pull it off with some significant results.

  7. What about just doing 3 HIIT training sessions a week for a jacked up metabolism, combined with lifting, and a diet whereby your caloric intake is 12x your bodyweight?

    This, some leviathan, and consistency seems to be a good plan to me


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