ozarka loses weight.. fatty

  1. ozarka loses weight.. fatty

    So, I'm about a week out of pct. And I'm planning a cut for the 21st of Jan. I plan on tossing in a few goodies gradually to help me along. Please, let me know what you think about my choices.

    Burn3d (or possibly DCP, which would you go with?)
    Fish Oil
    Lastly, I'm thinking of running this all alongside the ALRI ultima stack from nutra to help retain and potentiate muscle gains.

    I'm open to all opinions and suggestions.. Thanks in advance.


  2. bumparoonigooni.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    post a few details so folks can have something to work with. Like your height/weight, etc. have you gained muscle recently? been working out heavy or light, etc. what kind of stuff have you been doing, do you want to lose weight or add muscle first, etc.

    Help us help you .

    • 5'9"
    • ~186lbs
    • I've been bulking for the last year, at least.
    • The start of the cut (Jan 21st) will be approx. 1 month after finishing pct.
    • Gained about 5 lean lbs last cycle.
    • I workout following the DC method.
    • Cardio, as of right now, is slim to none. Planned cardio during cut consists of fasted morning walking (45 minutes at brisk pace while sipping on 20grams of BCAAs) 3 to 4 times a week.
    • I would like to lose fat, very gradually, as well as increase muscle. Hard yes, but do-able. And I've got nothing but time.

    btw, bassgirl, thanks for the reply

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