Lean with Levithan Reloaded

  1. Lean with Levithan Reloaded

    Hi all, im new here.
    17 years old, 6'2'', about 228 lbs.
    I've been into lifting weights for a little less than a year, but have only actually been into bodybuilding and actually doing it correctly for a few months. Anyway right now im at about 21% BF. Im still bulking up, im using Size On and waiting for that stack to run out before I start getting cut (Size On is pretty unbelievable, btw. Good size gains, great stregnth gains, im just hoping it stays when i stop using it!)
    Anyway ive heard some incredible things about LR, so im planning on picking it up in about a month. I was just curious, while using this product, should my diet be the same as if I was trying to lean out without the LR? Im terrified of burning of muscle with my fat, and I understand LR can do wonders for that side effect, but does that mean I should be consuming more calories or anything? Any advice/examples would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can't speak for LR but the original Leviathan is insane if your diet and workouts are in check. On serious carb restrictions I've lost over 3 pounds a week on Leviathan, without sacrificing any strength or size but with noticiable leaning in my gut and ass.
    Before that I struggled to lose 2 pounds a week if I was lucky.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either.

  3. Good luck. I just started LR today, so we'll see what happens.

  4. Does anyone have any advice on how much I should be eating to get lean? I mean overall calories, g's of carbs, protein, and fat, etc. I will be about 235 when I start cutting, and im 6' 2'' with about 22% body fat. I've never seriously cut before and im worried about burning muscle, im defintely going to be running Levithan RL/Incarnate. Is there anything else I need to be taking (anti-catabolic wise)? Also, how much cardio should I do? Id like to lose the fat as quickly as I can, but not if it means burning muscle mass.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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