blending oats?

  1. blending oats?

    I would like to start adding oats to my pre-workout shakes that I take to work. I was wondering what the best way to grind up the oats is. Can you just toss them in a blender, or do you need a coffee grinder or food processor?

    Also, if I am drinking 25g of protein, how much oats should I add? Should I through some dextrose in there too, or save that till after?


  2. coffee grinder is best. i crush em by hand in one of those medicine pill grinding bowls, with a wooden stick (no idea what they are called) Ive found that trying to chop them up in a blender only gets the oats stuck at the bottom.
    As for an optimal pre workout nutrition, ones choice of energy source from carbohyrdate should be determine for allowing the best even flow of energy throughout the duration of the workout. So if workout in the morning, and only take in a high GI source like dextrose alone, you wil have a tendency to 'crash' during the workout. So hit yourself up with 20g's or so of oats, the same for dextrose or malt, and you looking at a shake with the 25 grams of protein in it already, a nice pre workout fuel source.

  3. the wooden stick is called a pestle

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