Is Leviathan and SAN Shredded a safe combo?

  1. Is Leviathan and SAN Shredded a safe combo?


    I was just curious to see if taking Leviathan and SAN Shredded safe to take at the same time.

    I need to cut and loose weight, but dont mind the small muscle loss, i can gain it again once i get shredded.

    I haven't taken any supps for a while now, i do 30mins morning cardio and 45min weight training in the afternoon everyday and changed my diet to about 2000 caloric intake (240lbs 5'8")

    What do you guys think? I also plan to take some Casein Protein before i go to bed and right when i get up.


  2. dont know much about the SAN shredded your talking about but the Leviathon seems to get good reviews from what i have read. personally i would wait a little bit on the supps and see how your routine you have now works out for you. if you weigh 240 2000 calories seems a little low. all i can say is eat clean and work your a** off. morning cardio has worked for me in the past to get rid of some of that stubborn fat so do some light cardio in the morning and some intense lifting in the afternoon and i think you will see some pretty good results. see where that gets you and then start looking at supps if your not happy. good luck bro

  3. Why take a slow release right when you get up? Are you not eating breakfast for awhile? If nothing else casein in the morning just seems like a waste of money.

    Def. on the same page as Matt though, proper diet is much more important than the supplements you're taking. 2000 calories just seems really low for someone at 240lb.

    As for shredded and leviathan, I dunno, maybe one serv. of one in the morning and one later in the day of the other, but not 14 of shredded and 2 of leviathan...

    Maybe someone who knows more than I will chime in.
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