Cutting Pulse

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    Cutting Pulse

    I'm drawing up plans for a cutting pulse and need ideas/input. My goal here is to maintain and hopefully gain muscle during the process. The idea I have so far is to do calorie restriction M-F, with a pulse dose on Tues and Thurs, Sat and Sun eat maintainence level calories with a pulse. So its 4 days on 3 days off during the week. The idea being that the pulse and increase in calories on the weekend will rebuild any muscle lost during the calorie restriction phase. I am considering doing a keto, I have always had the best results with those, but am concerned about low blood sugar issues with the pulse.

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    What days do you workout?

    Personally I think it would be better to be on a restricted diet all week and pulse on four of your workout days. So if you workout Monday through Friday then I'd pulse M/T/T/F.

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