Gyno help

  1. Gyno help

    Hi guys,
    I have struggled with weight most my life. I got up to 330 lbs when I was 16 right before I got down to 198 lbs at 5% body fat. Anyway, after the last 17 years I have gradually put a lot back on. I got up to 315 last Jan. but I am now down to 270. But the problem is I have always had Gynecomastia. Even when I was down to 198 I had it, given it was a lot
    less noticeable. So my question is would it be benificial for me to take a estrogen blocker of some type?
    Thank you

  2. positive it's gyno and not just fat and skin from the weight gain?

  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure. It's kind of lumpy and it hurts like hell when I take a hit to my chest!

  4. Hey man, I also had gyno. The problem is that there are two types of gyno

    psuedo and well straight up.

    Depending on how big the masses are you have three options, and none of them really involve taking anti-estrogens. Anti-estrogens work for individuals who are noticing gyno during a cycle. Excess testosterone gets turned into estrogen by aromotase and causes many things, including male breast tissue.

    Once the male breast tissue is present, and it sounds to be in your case, you can have these things done.

    1. Subareolar excision- They will make an inscision on your nipple line and pull out the excess

    2. Bilateral excision- This is one I had,they literally cut two, 6 inch lines under my nipples and removed excess breast tissue. After that, they performed a nipple graph (removed nipple and areola entirely and reshaped and re positioned it) on my chest.

    3. Do nothing and wear dark, baggy clothes

    It does not look pretty, but it is hell of a lot better than having tits.

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