Neeeedd Helpp Loosing Some Fat

  1. Unhappy Neeeedd Helpp Loosing Some Fat

    HEY guys im 104 kilos of bulked up muscle but i want to get cut up now and loose my gut


    i train 4 times week, set of 10, 8 , 6

    what i do now ??

    eat around 5 times a day alot of steak and chicken

    what i do now ??

  2. You need to adjust your diet and cardio to get into a caloric deficit. Try a site like where you can log your foods, estimate your metabolic rate and even track calorie expenditure.

    You must be in a caloric deficit to loose fat.
    Recent log:

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ramo machine View Post
    i train 4 times week, set of 10, 8 , 6

    What does that mean

  4. Reduce your caloric intake to at least 500 below your daily maintenance total. Shoot for 2 pounds of weight loss per week to start with until you get a good feel as to where your nutritional needs are.
    Reduce the amount of carbohydrate you eat on non-lifting days to as close to nada as possible and restrict your carbs on lifting days as well. No carbs after 5 pm.
    Can you start doing some serious cardio on your non lifting days? interval training, sprinting are good choices. Weighted lunges really burn the calories and boost the metabolism as well.
    This alone should be enough to get you some good results for the next 3 to 4 weeks. After that, your'e body is going to retaliate by starting to fight to hold onto those stubborn fat stores. Come back then with a full detail on your training and diet and we can really give you some good advice to get to the next level.

    own these?
    food scale
    body measuring tape

    If not, get them to help monitor your calories and progress.

  5. thanks that was serious help , but it sounds so overwhelming

    and if ido this will i get serious tone and loose the gut , should i increase the reps less wieght with all my excercises

  6. maybe sounds overwhelming, but it simplifies out to eat less, and/or burn more calories. the carbohydrate manipulation helps, particularly if you have always been a "fatty" but if you were the skinny guy who bulked over time, then its less critical. Still would help. Cutting out simple carbs + starches- white bread, potatos, corn and replacing them with complex carbs - whole grain breads or oats, wild rice, etc will definitely help some as well


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