Obese trying to slim up - need advice

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    you can also check this out, TESTOSTERONE NATION - The Cheat to Lose Diet

    cheat to lose diet contains a form of carb cycling and cheat days to restore leptin with a full list of foods and recipes, very well outlined, plenty of resources. CHECK THE LINK for info.By far one of the most easily maintainable diets ive tried.

    Ive done keto and seen great results but its difficult to eat zero carbs forever...some gain weight back due to inactivity and returning to old eating habits, and slowed metabolism from dieting.
    along the same lines any TKD or CKD (Lyle McDonald has books on it) or hmm theres another specific author whose name is escaping me right now. definitely leaving some space in the diet for some amount of carbs is a good idea.

  2. So just a 1 week updated (from Sunday - Sunday)

    Starting weight on 12/9/07 = 307
    Current weight as of 12/16/07 = 296
    Total loss: 11 lbs
    Days @ gym: 5 (shooting for 6 per week, but I live in NJ and we got slammed with two winter storms this week)
    Days I "cheated on diet" = 1 (as per recommended on this post)

    Couple side questions for you guys. Aside from doing the standard "body part rotation" is there anyway to condition the muscles in my arms for endurance? I'm not sure if I am wording this correctly, but when I do most exercises (especially one that requires bicep work) my arms just get so tired that it makes it impossible for me to push anymore. It even happens at extremely low weight, where before they "tire" out the weight feels like nothing. I was thinking about walking on the tread mill w. light weights since I don't do HIIT anyway.

    Overall so far so good. I already feel a lot better with having some sort of activity in my life. Thanks for all the great replies so far.

  3. Well, if you want to start building strenghts, try working out with weights you can only do 4-6 reps with, and do 2 sets of those. so if for instance you are doing curls with 15lbs right now for sets of 15, try doing 20lbs and just try to get 6 in. the heavier weights at lower reps build more strenght faster, which will allow for more endurance over time

  4. EasyEJL - I was reading your post about fish oil. For the situation that I am in (looking to lose high amount of weight + gain some tone / muscle definition) would you recommend me taking fish oil at all? If so what type / how much?

  5. fish oil is something everyone should take I think. If you look at man from an evolutionary standpoint, we used to take in TONS more omega 3 + 6 oil than we do in average current diet. I mean to the factor of easily 10-20 times as much. So taking 3-6g each of fish oil and flax oil or CLA a day can make a huge difference overall. The super high fish oil is in its own whole category, has its place as well.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    So taking 3-6g each of fish oil and flax oil or CLA a day can make a huge difference overall.
    I get mine from flax seed, and eating fish. What differences can we expect from extra Omega 3 consumption?

    I'm watching this thread, b/c I am in kind of the same boat

  7. better sense of well being, improved triglycerides + cholesterol levels, overall improved hormone situation


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