Emergency Weight Loss

  1. Emergency Weight Loss

    I have a wrestling match Saturday morning.

    I weigh around 159 lbs. right now, need to be at 152 lbs. Saturday morning.

    What things could I do while I'm not running or practicing?

    Like, spitting, etc.


  2. The best idea would be to try and cut as much water as possible.

    I have little experience at such drastic weight loss.

  3. Well I can usually suck about 4 lbs in a practice worth of water weight, but I only have one practice between now and then.

  4. laxatives , dehydrate your body, no salty foods.

    unhealthy, yes... but it'll work.

  5. ^^^ get the water out and waste in your system like he said with laxatives.

  6. Rodja is very good at cutting weight at these times, I think he goes to the sauna a lot and very few cals, maybe PM him or hopefully he sees this thread and chimes in.

  7. I think it may be a little too late now.
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    I think it may be a little too late now.
    Lol maybe most of the weight has already been spat out?
  9. Smile Emergency Weight Loss

    The best idea is to reduce meals for 2 days.You drink more water before meals.Keep exercising.


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