need nutrition planned out..HELP please!

  1. need nutrition planned out..HELP please!

    Hi guys, lil background about me..i havent lifted for a whole year. so i am just starting back out. its been a week. hitting weights real hard..2 hours a day ATLEAST. 2 parts a day. bf around 14-15% right now..190 lbs..5'11" ft tall. 22 yrs old.

    GOAL: i need to get rid of fat around stomach area. 2 upper abs are visible. need to define body. this means cutting right? but i also want to get lil bigger in size. i dont know what to do first. cut or bulk. but i am just lifting 2-2 and half hours a day with heavy weights.

    Nutrition: What i eat is 3 slice of wheat bread in morning. after 2 hrs eat something like peas and potatoe. then go work out. postworkout shake..protien. then 2 hrs later i eat bout 10 pieces of chicken nuggets. then after 2 hrs i drink another protien shake. then i eat beans curry or something equivelant at dinner. please help on nutrition.

    Right now i am eating and workin out 2 hrs. i dont know how big i will get because my nutrition sucks. i havent got a clue about nutrition. but i do VERY well in gym. i tried to search recepies online but i am not a shopper so i dont know what half the things are such as herbs and what not. i can ofcourse identify the obvious things like chicken beef vegetables etc etc. but not just good w/ spices and herbs and all.
    so can anyone give me a good advice on whether i should cut for now or bulk up or little bit of both like heavy weights and intense cardio also. ...and biggest of all..nutrition!! Help me out please i am in desperate need! i dont want to give up just because of nutrition! so please all of u! all i ask is what i should eat! i know it sounds dumb but i am real serious about my body and all that i want to do everything right. thanks in advance guys. i hope you guys help me out.

  2. 2-2 and a half hours?? damn, thats way to much if you ask me. let me and some of the guys help you with a diet since that's #1 and then we'll help you with the gym. I'll need till around tomorrow morning, maybe some of the others can kickstart ya

  3. that would be great bro. the reason i do 2 -2.5 hrs workout is because i do 2 parts a day.

    my workout schedule is:
    monday---shoulders and triceps
    tuesday---chest and biceps
    wednesday---legs and back
    thursday---shoulders and triceps
    friday---chest and biceps
    saturday---legs and bak
    sunday---rest day.

    i have to get nutritions right or else these workouts are worthless.

  4. You are probably overtraining try going to a 3 day a week split lifting each bodypart only once a week. I would not reccomend training for more than 1 hour each day after that your cortisol levels are so jacked you are working against yourself. You need to eat more protein spread out throughout the day to put on muscle. Heres my diet for lean mass aquisition obviusly t wont be perfect for you but it will give you an idea.
    6:00 wake up BCAA powder ECA 5 miles cardio
    6:35 protein shake 50 grams whey 20 grams casein + oatmeal + flax oil
    9:00 MEAT chicken breast or steak + yam
    11:00 2 cups Cottage cheese + oatmeal
    12:50 preworkout shake 50 grams whey 20 grams dextrose
    1:00 workout
    2:00 post workout shake 80 grams whey 40 grams dextrose
    5:00 MEAT + Yam or oat meal
    7:00 dinner with folks usually meat + veggies
    9:00 Protein shake 40 grams casein
    11:00 pre bed BCAA powder

    Im on this all summer try putting something together like this cook the night before, high protein get yor training cut back.

  5. Ya bro...your seriously overtraining putting in all that time in the gym. Ive done 3 bodyparts a day and still get out in around an hour. All about intensity over duration. If you can lift for 2 hours, your not training hard enough.
    That aside, your diet is really lacking in protein. Magg's plan is a good guideline, but lets work on the basics first.
    Here's your current plan:
    Morning: 3 slices of wheat bread.
    Where is the protein bro? Wheat bread sucks. Try eating some eggs, ff cheese and WHOLE wheat bread or oatmeal.
    Meal 2: peas and potatos
    Again, no real protein source. Baked potatos are ok, but sweet potatos (yams) are better for you and taste better. Have half a sweet potato, some peas, and a breast of chicken
    Meal 3: protein shake
    Question is what kind? is it solely protein or a blend of protein/carbs? This is a good time for a whey protein/dextrose shake
    Meal 4: 10 Chicken Nuggets
    Too much sat 2 chicken breasts and some oatmeal or sweet potato

    Meal 5: protein shake
    Again, is it solely protein or protein and carbs...If it is only protein, add some flax seed oil.

    Meal 6: beans curry
    Need a whole protein source here. Egg whites, chicken, fish, lean beef etc.

    And your set for now

  6. thanks guys. i do got the idea. today i started my day off w/ 4 egg whites. and 1tpspoon of peanut butter.
    meal 2 chicken in bout 2-3 hrs.
    meal 3 isopure whey protien shake w/ flax seed oil and head to workout.
    meal 4 isopure whey protien shake and a banana
    meal 5 some chicken legs again.
    meal 6 isopure whey protien shake.
    finally before sleeping 3 caps of ZMA.

    so is that a good nutrition plan? also about the work out. i do train hard. i try to lift as much as i can until i cant do it anymore. ive talked to some people at the gym and they said work each part atleast twice a day kuz ur muscles get used to it and it increases the strength and size. ofcourse get 8-9 hrs sleep with it.

    if thats overtraining then how will the results differ if i do one part per week and keep my workouts 1 hour only? to me thats too little. because i have no other activity to do. i just go to work (dads business) and just chill there and attend phones and handle customers. basically thats all. i guess thats why i have all that energy for a 2 hour workout, and then some more too. so i burn this energy off by workin out 2 hrs or more. so i duno wat else to do. anyways back to nutrition hehe.

    i hope i got the thigns right. and would this be more of a cutting deal or a bulking deal nutrition? thanks again i reallly really really reallllyyy appreciate it guys i really do.

  7. Your cals are low for 190 so youd be cutting you should read some of Iron addicts articles on training, check in the training section . He will be better at explaining over training than I will.

  8. Too many shakes, too much training.

  9. ok this is finally wat i figured out
    meal 1 4 egg whites
    meal 2 4 chicken legs. 15g protien each leg.
    meal 3 pre workout whey protien shake
    meal 4 post workout whey protien shake w/ flax seed oil
    meal 5 2 chicken breasts. 45g protien each
    meal 6 4 chicken legs ..15g each...
    so i think it totals to about 210g protien a day. what u guys think?
    also would i need to do cardio w/ this much amount of protien? i dont wana get fat or n e thing hehe

  10. Looks much better now read IAs stuff on training and youll be ready to get big

  11. thanks maggmaster and everybody else ..i think i am set now. maybe motleybreu have somethings to say...ill look forward to it.

  12. Originally posted by xRaceRx
    ok this is finally wat i figured out
    meal 1 4 egg whites
    meal 2 4 chicken legs. 15g protien each leg.
    meal 3 pre workout whey protien shake
    meal 4 post workout whey protien shake w/ flax seed oil
    meal 5 2 chicken breasts. 45g protien each
    meal 6 4 chicken legs ..15g each...
    so i think it totals to about 210g protien a day. what u guys think?
    also would i need to do cardio w/ this much amount of protien? i dont wana get fat or n e thing hehe

    meal 1...4 egg whites is good, but you need carbs too. have some oatmeal
    meal 2...chicken legs have fat on them, just be aware of that. I'm not a fan of having fat and carbs in the same part of the day. Why not have a can of tuna instead?
    meal 3...pre workout you should have some quick carbs, an apple, an energy drink(red bull) or something on those lines
    meal 4...workout shake is perfect but you need carbs here, not fat
    meal also need carbs here as well, as it is the second post-workout meal

    you can do cardio, it doesn't really effect the protein, it effects carbs/fats. do cardio and see how it works out, you can always drop it.

    just some guidlines, adjustments can be made

  13. alright thanks motleybreu, about the chicken legs, i know its got fat, but i peel the fat off. i dont get the ready made chicken thingie, i buy the foster farms chicken which u cook at home. and i peel the fat off of the legs and breasts. does that help or does it STILL have fat? that is important to know since if it still is considered fatty w/o the fat then i need to change the diet hehe

  14. high in sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.......

  15. okay so i shouldnt eat THAT much chicken. ill go buy some cans of tuna....what else is there to substitute? i am thinking of substituting 4 chicken legs w/ a can of tuna...should i keep the chicken breasts? it also has sodium and cholesterol. and im not sure how they play a role. it has tons of protien too. so i am really confsued now. i thought chicken was everything, but noooo! hehe. so substitute chicken w/ tuna..that should help? any other modifications?.

  16. i think motleybrue was saying the chicken legs are high in fat, sodium, etc. stick with chicken breasts

  17. whey/dextrose in post w/o shake, absolutely no fat
  18. Thumbs up

    thanks everyone. i really appreciated all your help. i think i got it now. if i have more questions ill ask later hehe..thanks once again !

  19. One last thing....count TOTAL calories as well as protein. In some of your "meal plans" it looks like your only eating protein. Even with 210grams of protein, if thats all your eating its less then 1000cals....thats way to low. Eat some good fats, some good carbs and keep the protein where its at.
  20. Talking

    thanks scottyyo and everyone. i LOVE this board started ucp-1 today w/ r-ala! and i added vegetables to nutrition so i am set ! thanks guyzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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