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    I plan to take Lipo6X + Gaspari Thyrotabs + SAN Shredded, and doing 25min. of cardio in de morning for fat loss (i go to the gym in the evening).

    The stress for cardio and weights can produce cortisol, and it can produce catabolism: - Eric Satterwhite - Anabolic Aerobics: Part 2!
    Cortisol is a hormone secreted in response to stress (in our case exercise). Cortisol's main objective is to liberate energy from tissues for use during these periods of stress . It doesn't have a preference on what tissue it gets it from, but it does seem to favor muscle tissue rather heavily . The amount of cortisol released is directly related to the intensity or degree of the stress. It seems that after about 20 minutes of high intensity work, cortisol levels shoot through the roof. With that said, for high intensity (85-90% VO2 max) cardio to have the most benefit in its muscle building/fat burning properties, sessions should be kept under 20 min.
    So, i want add a cortisol-blocker to the "stack".

    (I think that stack of Lipo6X+Thyrotabs+Shredded+ a Cortisol Blocker, and 25min. of "light" cardio in the morning would be a good idea to loose fat without loose muscle)

    Which cortisol-blocker do you think would be the best??:
    Retain 2 (90 capsules) By: Anabolic Xtreme
    11-oxo (60 caps) By: ErgoPharm
    Lean Xtreme (90 caps) By: Designer Supplements
    Restore (90 caps) By: ALRI

  2. restore is mainly an AI for estrogen control. i think 11-oxo is along the same lines as restore.

    you cant go wrong with lean xtreme or retain2. i have used lean xtreme before it works great. i have a bottle of retain2 for my pct so i will see how that goes.

  3. Looks like a very catabolic stack you have creatednthere sir! Prepare to loose some muscle unless you add something anabolic of some sort.

  4. i think 11-oxo would be the strongest, but its a steriod, well so are the rest.. but the 7-keto variants aren't androgenic, X-lean would be a good choice isn't it like 25.99 on NP?



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