taking triacana

  1. taking triacana

    Hey guys, i just got me 100 tabs of triacana, Im not so sure how to take it per day! any help is appreciated Thanks!

  2. how many mc are they,start out slow,real slow.its different for every,I usually started out slow and kept adding more until I was taking 4-5 dumps a day.

    Once you get to the part where you litterally crapping the food out 10 min after you eat it is when you back off a little and maintain it there.

    This stuff is no joke,do alot of research on it before starting.

    good luck,I dropped 25 lbs in less than 5 weeks on triact.

    edit...I just noticed your prolly not talking about real tricana wich is triactricol...That stuff is a joke compared to the real stuff.Just follow the bottle and let us know how it goes.

  3. Thanks!!

    Thanks allot!!! i greatly appreciate it.

  4. its triacana... TRIAC-TIRATRICOL

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