What to do now?

  1. What to do now?

    First let me start off with a little description of myself. I used to be around 260-270lbs; not sure about BF% but had 40" waist. I was the "powerlifter" guy type.. My whole family is large/obese/big-boned/diabetic/whatever you want to call it.

    Anyways, after quite some time (4-5years), I got down to 200 lbs.. I bought Lyles CKD book and went from 200 to 190 after 5 months. I took a week off then did UD2 for 4 weeks and then took another week off and have done 3 more week. My BF% is estimated at 9%

    The problem is, is that I'm no longer losing any more fat; the last 3 weeks of UD2 have basically just kept me where I'm at. I feel I'm getting close to my lower limit, as I'm not normally this small. I'm the small person in my immediate family, while being the tallest. LOL, my 2 sisters now outweigh me, ha!

    I guess I'm looking for advice into where to go from here. I enjoy UD2 alot and dont feel that bad on it. Should I incorporate more supplements into the diet? I currently use Yohimbine, Caffeine and a mild AI.. Should I switch to something else? PMSF? IF? Others?

    I should also note that I was diagnosed hypoglycemic at 12 and have some carb/insulin problems, if helpful.

  2. Hey, it sounds like the UD2.0 diet is working well for you, why don't you stick to it?

  3. Ah this is very familiar Now where is jake to put me straight

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