Clen+Leviathan Cut Stack?

  1. Clen+Leviathan Cut Stack?

    Just a little history here. I did a 6 week Trenadrol stack with the first 3 weeks Winstrol and the last 3 weeks Hemadrol. I gained 15# of lean muscle. I'm 5'8" and went from 182 to 197 in those 6 weeks. I had a spot on post cycle therapy with Nolva and supporting supps. I only lost 2# during my 1 month PCT. I been off of my cycle for almost 2 months now and actually gained more weight! I weighed 200# today at the gym! And my strength has not dropped at all!

    The only thing I'm taking right now is Creatine, No-Explode, DHEA, Tribulus, and Chrysin.

    My bf is at 12%. Which was done by both the height, neck, and waist measurement. Then I got the calipers done by my gym. Both came up with the same results.

    I have a bottle of Clen collecting dust and wanted to maybe stack it with Leviathan?

    If i do stack it and do the 2week on/ 2 week off method should I do the same with Leviathan? Or can i run it straight threw? I was maybe thinking of running Clen for 6 weeks....which would be a total of 3 months with the 2on/2 off method. Or I was also thinking about taking Clen and Levi for 6 weeks straight and after two weeks start adding in Benadryl?

    I am going to devise a strict diet also and start upping my cardio to 3 times a week. My goal is to be about 180# and 6-8% bf by the end of the 3 month cycle.....or 6 weeks if you guys think I can run them straight if I add in Benadryl.

    This is JUST rough draft and am looking for your guys input and help.

    Also, I was planning on using a max of 60mcg's of Clen and 2 caps of Levi a day....anymore than that and i might end up this this guy------>


  2. anyone?

  3. I wouldn't combine them because your BP would probably be through the roof. I would suggest to rotate them every 7 days and to use either DCP or SesaThin as the base of your cutting cycle.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. yeah seriously bro - clen will make it go way up. It makes you tired quicker man and makes your hr and bp go though the roof. Yohimbe in leviathan can do the same thing. NO GO FOR LAUNCH!

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