Could someone suggest to me some good custom protein ratios?

  1. Could someone suggest to me some good custom protein ratios?

    I've always bought either Designer or Optimum Whey and am almost out again. I heard recently that one can save a lot of money if they order from somewhere like protein customizer or protein factory. The problem is is that I have no idea where to start.

    I'd like to get one mix to be used exclusively post-workout, another mix that can be used during the day (with meals or between), and lastly one that can be consumed before bed if I've run out of or just don't feel like eating cottage cheese.

    I know (or rather think) Whey would be the main ingredient in the first post-workout mix, Casein would be the main ingredient in the before-bed mix, and the throughout-the-day-mix would most likely be a mix of a few different types. Still though I'd rather get some help from someone who has done all this before then just go in there and throw around random numbers and end up with a horrible tasting and useless waste of money.

    By the way, I'm diabetic so I don't need any dextrose and/or maltodextrin to be combined with my Whey-based post-workout mix.

    Lastly I was thinking about getting vanilla, as it seems the most versatile, unless someone here has ordered it and had a bad experience taste-wise.

    Thanks guys.

  2. Well, since I don't exactly know how being a diabetic works. I know, just not every detail I'd definitely use casein for night time as it is slow absorbing and will work well while sleeping. I'm not sure about the rest, mostly cuz of the diabetes, so I'll let someone else do that one

  3. Everything else would be the same. I was just including that FYI so people wouldn't suggest that I include dextrose/maltodextrin to my post-workout shake in an attempt to spike my insulin. (My body produces no insulin, so it goes without saying that it cannot be spiked; I take injections of insulin to counter the intake of carbohydrates.)

  4. k, well in that case I would probably use a 50/50 whey/casein during the day for normal, and a 75/25 whey/casein for post workout. I like the casein because of the fact that it takes longer to use and the whey will go in instantly so that you have protein to feed right away and then protein to feed on for awhile after that. Personally now that I've seen protein customizer I'm probably gonna get a 50 whey, 40 casein, 5 dextrose, 5 creatine mix sometime in the near future.

  5. Alright bro...Ill give ya some help. Id go with customizer, much more reliable, quicker, and better taste. I like chocolate and the strawberry is surprisingly pretty good too, but have not ordered vanilla.

    Post workout I would use a whey conc/isolate blend (or could just use Optimum here as it is the same and would be cheaper). Also, Id still suggesting getting some malto/dextrose for your post workout, and time your insulin shots to be post workout. Im not diabetic myself, so I have no personal experience there, but do have a few friends who do the following. Thus the insulin/dextrose shuttle the protein into your muscle cells and help block catabolism. I know Bobo might come in here and say the first stage of protein synthesis is insulin independent, but insulin is VERY anti-catabolic.

    For throughout the day, I would use the same formula as your night time, both will be slow digesting and a mix of proteins.

    My night-time blend is the following:
    25% whey conc
    35% Milk Isolate
    25% Calc. Caseinate
    15% Soy Isolate
    I usually add it to some cottage cheese and am good to go...but it is not necessary.

    Adds up to be very cheap, like $54 (60ish after shipping) for 10lbs flavored. While your their, buy some Inulin (very cheap good fiber, perfect for nighttime and throughout the day). If you have the money, the conc can always be subbed out for isolate, and you could drop the soy and add more caseinate, but it would raise the price a bit.



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