fatloss w/o supplements (quick searched)

  1. fatloss w/o supplements (quick searched)

    forgive me if this has been discussed to death but i couldnt find anything that could answer my question.

    way back when (about 5-6 years ago) when ephedra came out i tried it (in ripped fuel, the original version). i lost a good amount of fat and was flying sky high for about 3 months until i stopped taking it. my wife became pregnant and i couldnt find the time to workout as i was used to. over about 1 year i put on 20 pounds and basically wound up where i started. this was discouraging because it took nearly 4 years to get where i was.

    in any case, im trying to get back into the swing of things. thank god i havent put on any additional weight and am determined not to this time around (shes pregnant again).

    ive been speaking with this guy at my gym whos an amatuer body builder. he was giving me nutritional advice as he sees me busting my ass with cardio. apparently hes into eating whole foods as opposed to taking things like "yellow bullet" (something i tried recently).

    my goal is to lose about 30 pounds or so (im 5'10 200lbs 27 yrs old right now) by summerish 2008. i realize its entirely possible through nutrition and ive been reading up some.

    my question is this: what are your opinions on using foods for fatloss vs. supplements?

    by this, i mean could i (over a similar time frame) see the same results without buying $80 worth of "accessory supplements" ( like riped fuel, hydroxycut etc. NOT things like protein, BCAA etc) every few weeks?

    the reason i ask this is because for one, theyre expensive, and second... i tend to want to have a heart attack on most stimulants (while doing cardio)

    school me please.

  2. You most certainly will have better results if you focus on your diet and take no supplements than you would if you took the supplements and left your diet the way it is.

  3. Congratulations on the conception of your second child! And welcome to AM!

    Your story is similar to mine. We we were blessed with our two beautiful daughters only 16 months apart, I quit my Corporate America job and started my own business so I could bring my wife home and actually afford to live. With the joys of spending the last 2 years getting my business stable and running I have forgone the gym for the most part of the last 2 years.

    You will generally get all of the same opinion/advice from my post and most others from here on out.... Diet is your key. Supplements are not "magic bullets" including yellow bullets... If you are unsure how to eat healthy read over some posts in the nutrition forum to get a good base of a diet. There are excellent articles out there as well. The one linked in my signature is a kickbutt work out you just need to fill in the diet aspect. A low carb diet may work for you as I am following "The Cut Diet" - Google it - right now and in 3 weeks have dropped 7 pounds, most being stored glycogen and increased water intake keeping water retention down. But at any rate it's a great diet for me because it's very simple, I can take most of the stuff on the run especially important when I am out and about looking at houses during the day.

    With regards to the stim products that you are severely sensitive too... I would NOT take them. If you experience heart palpitations or anything close to "heart attack" I don't think that you should continue usage.

    Now I won't tell you what to do or suggest what to do as you can come to your own conclusion. I will tell you that around the holidays I will use the bottle of DCP by RPN I have the 2 weeks around Thanksgiving and the 2 weeks around Christmas. Come January I will have been on the diet with a few splurges for 3 months. If I was to continue to cut I would add in 2 or so products to get me under 8% bf.

    So bottom line is get diet and training in check. If you get to a stick point where diet and increased cardio aren't enough - which they shouldn't be but to make things easier (Say that last 5-8 pounds) add in a NON stimulant type fat burner. DCP is an excellent choice from past usage experience.

    From someone just getting back into it I wish you success!

    - Jonesie

  4. xjsynx posted up a bunch of great articles in his thread. this piece i took seems to answer your question.


    Let me be perfectly honest with you: nothing can affect body composition as
    fast and as drastically as the food you eat, not even drugs! Let’s talk fat loss
    for example, a substance like synthetic T3 (e.g. cytomel) or T4 (e.g.
    synthroid) can boost metabolism and daily energy expenditure by around
    10%. If you are anywhere between 175 and 225lbs we’re talking about 200-
    300 calories per day which is basically the amount of calories in cup of
    rice measured dry or of a bagel. When we consider that your average fast
    food hamburger can provide anywhere from 750 to 1000 calorie and that an
    hour of cardio will “burn” an average of 450 to 500 calories; it’s quite easy
    to see how simply controlling our food intake can have a huge impact on
    how our body looks.

  5. thanks for the replies adn the congratulatory wishes.

    yeah, i think the last clip of info was had the gist of what i was looking for. i mean, sure supplements work when used with good diet and workouts. but i think it better for myself to lay off anything artificial for weight loss. they just seem to cause yo-yo weight loss for me...aside from the feelings of impending doom.

    in any case, thanks again. i have the workouts, i have the diet. now i just have to keep them in check. countdown....6months.



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