What's an adequate amount of calories burnt for 30mins of cardio (ellipitcal)

  1. What's an adequate amount of calories burnt for 30mins of cardio (ellipitcal)

    I'm 6'0 roughly 175...so I'm decently lean, but I have accumulated some fatty areas thanks to a college diet for the past year. I'm eating healthier now, and was just wondering what you all think is a good range of calories to burn on an elliptical for 30 minutes. (I don't jog because of bad shin splints). Today the machine read a little over 400 (though I am aware that it's not going to be dead on accurate)...is this what I should be burning off for cardio?

    I'm basically doing this EOD after my workouts.

    Thanks for the opinions

  2. it all depends on the speed and level of difficulty the elliptical is set at. also, i don't put too much stress on those calorie counters that are built into the machines. just bust your ass every time for that 30 minutes..wait a few weeks and if you don't notice a difference, check that diet or go for longer on the elliptical

    good luck

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