CONFUSED AND ANGRY!(sorry for the caps)

  1. CONFUSED AND ANGRY!(sorry for the caps)

    Okay I just finished a 20/30/40/40 pulse of Epistane and am on my first week of Leviathan. The pulse went great, I thought. I got a bit bigger, dropped a pants size and cleared up a bit of my pubescent gyno. I had been watching my weight by scale and Body Fat via this body fat hand tester thing in the gym as this was supposed to be a cut. I didn't loose any weight and my body fat sky rocketed to a current 18.6%. You would think that was what I'm upset about.....but it isn't. Because honestly I look AMAZING!!! I mean i can count abs and see tendons in my shoulders. I am for all intents and purposes jacked and happy with my cycle. So whats the deal with the numbers? By the 3rd week of the epi cycle i decided to say F*CK the BF tester and I went on about my cycle. My girlfriend says I look great and I feel great....So what's the deal? Could it be something wrong with my hands? BTW I tested the scale today with a 2.5 weight and it registered at 2.4 so its correct in saying that as of 10 minutes ago I'm 6'1/2 235 pounds and 18.6% Body Fat...

  2. Sigh.

    Electronic body fat readers are horribly unreliable. It's the scale not you.

  3. yes, part of the problem is that depending on the mechanism it may be looking as much at conductivity as anything else, which isn't reliable. being a little more or less well hydrated, or having drank poseidon or gatorade right beforehand can skew those numbers. Handheld calipers are the best bet for bodyfat, cheap and reliable

  4. Why the **** do you care for numbers if you are happy with the way you look? I mean, I can see why some might, numbers being important to tweaking there already peak performance... but if you just wanna look good... and you do... **** it!

  5. EWWWWWW... Get your body fat checked by a professional, or atleast someone who knows how to use a calibur. Hand held devices like that are horrible. And if you look great and most importantly feel great, that's all that really matters.



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