I'm back and yes Bubba got back...

  1. Smile I'm back and yes Bubba got back...

    Looking forward to spending a lot of time here again and learning a bunch of new things.

    I had a great run getting down to 183 from 220 and being a lean mean fighting machine. Got two compliments and took time off.

    now i got up to 215, a little more defined then last time, but the buddha belly is back.

    I have a bet at work with 2 other guys, who is the biggest loser by january 21st as weight percentage. I've gotten down to 210 and started cutting late night carbs and working out after work.

    Starting to take five tetra, cutting calories and increasing the amount of meals while keeping calories around 2800.

    workout is 3mile interval training with 4 exercises (bi/back or tri/chest)in between 1 mile interval runs ranging from 3-8mph.

    Taking omega 3,6,9
    and whatever else is in my cabinet of horrors,(nothing fun)(just a lot of vitamins and stims.



    Brown Rice
    Whey Protein
    Whole Wheat sandwich's (lunch)
    sweet potatoes

    Soon to be adding

    anything else that I can cook one day and eat it in tupperware through out the week?

    I'm taking a lot of the leftover stuff I picked up while working at gnc, most of it's crappy but it's free, caffeine and some of the more expensive natural anabolics.

    Comes down to determination, diet, and Daworkout.

    I have a pretty good idea of what to do, thanks to everyone here, just need to keep my face to the grinding stone and keep to it, control intake and continue working out.

    My new job is in a cubicle so not a lot of activity until post work with my 1.5mile walk home. Looking for some meals to eat throughout the day and put together a shopping list. Please help me out if you can.

    Thanks, glad to be back to talk to some of the great minds, and hopefully through this journey I can help others reach there goals as I strive and will reach mine.

  2. Awesome to have you back and glad to meet you!!!

    My dad has rocked the tunafish for about 15 years and he hasn't quit. Might want to give that a try, and you can make it in bulk and it'll last all week in the fridge.

    What about any simple carbs from fruit?

    Egg-whites for those days where you don't feel like oatmeal?

    Best of luck, you got my vote

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