Drive/Rpm/Dcp/Leviathan - Choices, choices!

  1. Drive/Rpm/Dcp/Leviathan - Choices, choices!

    Alright, so I am 22, 170lbs and currently of average - skinny build, but fairly overfat (36 inch waist and about 22% bf, I believe). I have only really been regularly lifting and eating a clean-ish diet since late August, and have improved in strength and size but gained some additional fat as well. I would like to continue to bulk, but I want to trim down some of my body fat first to lose most of the belly.

    I am currently doing a 3 day full body routine, alternating between the 2 workouts that I will list below. I am going to add in some HIIT training on 2-3 of the off days as well. After reading through supplementation stack advice, I have purchased Drive, Rpm, Dcp and Leviathan Reloaded, but would like some help deciding which of these to stack, as well as whether I should modify my workouts at all. Additionally, some of these claim to allow somewhat of a recomp rather than relying on a cutting cycle. Should I eat for maintenance and hope for simultaneous musclegain/fatloss, or cut back on calories and focus on cutting until my bf is somewhat llower and I can start bulking up again?

    An additional consideration is the upcoming winter break. From early-mid December until early January, I will be at home with very limited access to weights or supplements, so I will mostly be resorting to HIIT cardio, and probably one supplement. My plan is to continue my full body workouts until then with a Drive/Rpm/Dcp stack, then go for one month at home with free-weight/cardio based HIIT using only leviathan reloaded.

    So, to recap:
    -Which of these supplements would be best to stack with my normal routine?
    -Which supp is best to use solo during a month of cardio/freeweight HIIT, ?
    -Should I aim my diet to cut or maintain/recomp?
    -Any other comments/suggestions you may have.

    And again, I know I am still lacking in muscle mass, so the fatloss plan is only temporary (I hope to be back into bulking stage in January) Thanks all, I have learned a lot from reading over others threads, so I am hoping you wonderful people can help me out as well!

    Normal Routine: (3 days/week, alternating between following 2 workouts)
    WORKOUT 1:
    Deadlift 2*5
    Bench 3*5
    Assisted pullup 3*5
    Assisted Dip 3*5
    Seated Cable Row 3*5
    Flys 2*5
    Ab work

    WORKOUT 2:
    Standing Dumbell Overhead press 3*5
    Assorted Bodyweight legwork (Bulgarian squats, one legged squats, wall slides)
    Bentover Row 3*5
    Bicep Curls 3*5
    Ab work

    Regular Supps:
    Creatine, protein, Fish Oil, MultiVitamin, BCAAs

    Supp possible additions:
    Drive, rpm, dcp, leviathan reloaded.

  2. your plan of drive/rpm/dcp sounds good, then leviathan reloaded for the break portion. use the time while you have access to strength training equipment to do strength gains, and do more cardio/cutting type when you dont have access.

    How long does each workout take? It looks like you are doing all low repcount, which would be pretty fast (and also better for strength rather than size). if you are spending less than 45 minutes on that, you might want to add another set to some of those. Particularly deadlifts.

  3. Still try to do some lifting during that month if you can. Pullups, pushups, dips, if you can find reasonably stable equipment/benchs. You should do some heavy leg work such as squats/legpress stuff too if you can in place of the bodyweight lunges.

    As for the supps. Really it is up to you, just don't take Leviathan and RPM together.

    You could do RPM/Drive/DCP
    Then Leviathan for (at home)

    or RPM/Drive
    leviathan/DCP month two

    First stack should help with strength, and second stack to maintain it and recomp, and strip off some fat, in theory. Make sure your diet is also in check!

  4. If you can swing it, I would do RPM/Drive/DCP now, and when you go home, Leviathan and DCP.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by LT* View Post
    If you can swing it, I would do RPM/Drive/DCP now, and when you go home, Leviathan and DCP.
    I second the Leviathan.



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