fiber w/ simple carbs........

  1. fiber w/ simple carbs........

    Realizing how fiber w/ ur protein shake can slow absorption down w/ regulat whey concentrate, Isolate, etc. Whats ur guys' take on it slowing down the absorption of carbs such as grape juice?

    ie, the GI of grape juice is pretty high, since its a simple carb. some people say that it isn't optimal for using grape juice for PW due to ur body not being able to restore glycogen, but rather restore liver gly's and then the rest get stored as fat. and of course some say that its ok, due to the fact that grapes are made up of dextrose?

    well, whatever the case maybe, think of it as a kind of "emergency food". being that ur in a jam and cant get around to making some rice or something and ur on the go. would mixing in a teaspoon or so of some metamucil slow digestion being that it will lower the GI, thus allowing ur body to fully use all of the calories?

  2. don't think that would be the best J.. if you were going to do something like that.. I would have some oatmeal blended really fine, to have sitting around.. if it basically a powder, then you should not have much problem mixing with your protein and then getting the added benefit of having it as a lower GI

  3. yea, i dont think i would try it even if i had oatmeal around, but i was just trying to see a basic theory, u know?

    I'm guessing that it wouldn't be TOO much better than grape juice or any simple carb alone.

  4. from what i have read they say for every gram of fiber you have you can neglect a gram of carbs or sugar.. i have read this multiple places..

  5. thats doubtful if you eat a whole cake and a can of metamuscil youre telling me your not going to put on any weight? Bull**** thats some stupid health magazine feeding you a line, it comes down to calories in calories out and eating the right stuff at the right time. Soluble fiber is not the answer to our nations obesity. If it was everyone would drink fiber drinks every morning.

  6. actually i read that from a study on a universities website.. i think its because the fiber causes the insulin response to be less.. its not necessarily that the carb is simply discarded but the insulin response becomes lower.

  7. Yes bt yu still can store it as fat the process of lipogenesis is much more complicated than just no insulin = no fat


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