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  1. Question DCP/Leviathan Stack

    Read all the reviews and my order finally came in today...Just a few questions and ill be good to go for monday. 1 should I just dose them as directed on the bottle? and 2 What impact on fatloss would throwing in some Incarnate have on this stack?

  2. Start with half dose of Leviathan to assess tolerance, and full dose of DCP.

    Incarnate would be fine to add as well, as per the label instructions (pre and post workout). A great addition for recovery, and performance.

    For example, if you workout in the morning:

    AM Pre-workout:

    1 cap Leviathan
    2 caps DCP
    3 caps Incarnate

    3 caps Incarnate

    Midday - before lunch
    1 Leviathan
    2 DCP

    2 DCP

    Please let usknow how this stack works out for you.

  3. OK Thanks for the help... Well I'm planning on doing morning cardio before work and lifting after work at around 10 and 30 mins of cardio dose the incarnate with the cardio or when im about to lift?

  4. If your morning cardio is not overly strenuous, then just take the incarnate pre/post lifting.

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