Bike or Treadmill?

  1. Bike or Treadmill?

    What's up all....

    I have been reading all about a.m. cardio for max fat loss. I'm about 5'9 260. IDK my BF% but I know it is high for sure.

    I have been watching my diet closely for about a week now. (I finally kicked my self in the a$$ )

    So moving on, my question for all you cardio gurus is: I'm cranking out between 30-45 min of cardio FIRST thing in the morning. Would it be better to do this on a stationary bike or a tread mill. I'm not a big fan of the tread mill, it kills my knees and my shins, but it can be done if it would be the best thing.

    Just curious what you guys perfer.... Thanks for the info.

    “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

  2. For High Intensity I prefer the bike. But a slow walking uphill climb on the treadmill always gets a sweat going.

    If the bike suits you best then you have your answer. I'd say whatever you are able to do and get results from is what you should be doing.

  3. Whatever is more comfortable for you. Getting your heart rate elevated for a specified amount of time is the key.

  4. definitely the bike particularly depending on how long you've had an elevated weight, you may have done light damage to your knees or worn much of the cartillage away like arthritis (like me). So the bike is your friend

  5. Nothing wrong with the bike if you don't like the treadmill.. see if your gym has any spinning classes (45mins of hardcore biking) definitely puts to shame a jog on the treadmill. I've just started getting back into them, they give an exhilarating effect similar to the runner's high, for sure.

  6. strictly for calories burned, you are better off with the treadmill or a eliptical. I have football knees and there is a system out called an Arc Trainor that is excellent as it burns a lot of calories and I have no trouble with my knees after using it for over a year.

    At the end of the day, getting your heart rate up is the key, but if you are looking for incremental improvement, these are a couple thoughts.

  7. the treadmill works more muscles and will allow you to get your heart rate up their higher. but if its rough on the joints the bike will have to do until you drop some weight. one thing I used to do is switch from the bike to the treadmill. sometimes I would do 10 min on 3 different machines and not have a break in between.

  8. Personally I prefer the treadmill at the highest incline for a rapid walk. However, Iw ill change from time to time for the bike. More comfort with the knees

  9. i love the treadmill the bike actually hurts my knees (could just be the kind my gym has they are very low and stretch out my legs) but i have noticed that the eliptical burns the most calories. why dont you just cross train so your body never gets use to what you are doing

  10. The treadmill burns more kcals becuase you are having to support your body weight while moving. HIIT would be even more effective and efficient.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  11. I like to do both, I hit the treadmill for 20 then the bike for 10 take a break hit the bike for 10 and then back on the tread for another 10 with a 5 min cool down added at the end

  12. i like alternating treadmill and bike. I feel jogging on the treadmill gives my calves more of a push and the bike gives my thighs more of a workout.

    If you do have joint issues, then I'd probably recommend the bike for higher intensity or the treadmill at low intensity


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