PCT weightloss

  1. PCT weightloss

    hey im just finishing up a epi/winztrol 6 week cycle and i will begin my pct next week. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a good diet and cardio regimen. Im 55 155 and im just looking to get rid of the extra fat that I accumulated during the bulking process. I got to the gym between 4 and 6 days a week and I have recently started every training day with a 25 minute warm up/cardio (elliptical). My bf is probably in the low teens. Thanks guys! Any and all advice is welcome.

  2. dont start your workout with cardio do it at the end cuz it takes your body 20 min before it starts burnning fat for fuel. so you are not only wasteing all your atp energy for your muscles on running but you only got 5 min of fat burning. do it at the end and your body will be in fat burning zone becouse of your workout. you will burn fat for 25 min instead of 5. be more consistint in the gym, 4 to 6 how about a set amount of days, as for diet high protien 1.5 grms per pound of body wieght and moderate carbs like 2 carbs per pound should do you good.

  3. you are better off not cutting during PCT. wait till its over, let your body stabilize, then start working on loosing the spare fat

  4. PCT is a period where your primary focus is to restabilize your natural hormone levels and bring balance to your endocrine system. focus first on manipulating excess estrogen and combating testicular atrophy, managing cortisol and preserving as much of your gains as humanly possible.

    Easy is right in saying that there will be ample time after you recover to focus on burning off that extra fat. but you need to recuperate from your cycle first.

  5. yeah i have decided not to fully engage in a cut. Ill wait a few weeks. Im just going to watch my calories and carbs. Do you guys think i should eat something before i do my cardio/fat burn? Usually i just have a protein shake in water before i go to the gym then the same thing(usually twice as much protein) when i get back from the gym. thx

  6. a protein shake is eating something thats all you need is some protein / BCAA in you to help avoid catabolism


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