Socrates' weight-loss log

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  1. Socrates' weight-loss log

    Well I am sitting in my pharmaceutics class and I couldn't be more bored. There is an Indian guy in the background talking about n-octanol partition co-efficients and what not. So I figured, no better time than now to start a log. I figure if I post before pics and keep daily posts (or atleast try to) I can get some support, because this diet change won't be easy.

    I will post picture but these are my stats, or so I am thinking

    probably 35-40% body fat
    I do have good lean mass, I always have. However I have always been a chubby kid. Im very active so I am really going to focus on my diet a lot

    Probably going to a 3500kcal regime through 6 meals on a 45/35/20 breakdown. (carbs dont agree with me and a lot will come post workout). Most people will probably recommend more kcals, but I will start at this point and gage how I am feeling and make adjustments as necessary.

    My workout will be 3x a week starting out, then probably moving to a 2on-1of-2on-2off breakdown.

    45minutes of total body workout with minimal rest between sets, with moderate weight.

    Im thinking of incorporating a plyo workout (any recommendations)
    Now for cardio, this is where you guys come in. I enjoy playing racquetball, and ellipticals are nice, any recommendation. Keep in mind, Im a big boy, so my joints take a beating.

    Anyone have luck with cissus?

  2. I took pictures, but they haven't been sent to my computer yet (stupid cell phone). I will post them when they go through.

  3. Here are a few pics (keep in mind I am at the beginning of my body recomp, so go easy).

    For 331lbs on a 5'11'' I think with my muscle mass Ill be nice at 240-250lbs.

    Side and front-no flex
    Double bicep and trap flare-flex

    Im starting tomorrow with the diet and the changed workout routine tomorrow after my Health Care dimensions Exam. So I will post diet and routine sometime late tomorrow evening.

  4. Subbed

    Best of luck bro

  5. Ill be watchin this one. Cissus has worked wonders for my joints and im sure a lot of other people on this board will also agree! Most of the time you can find it on nutra in bulk powder form which will cut down on costs. I also think plyos would be an excellent addition, just be careful where you add them in because they are surprisingly super intense and not the easiest thing to recover from; there a good way to overtrain if you dont use them correctly.

    Goodluck bro!!

  6. When I get some money im gonna have to look into cissus, I have heard nothing but awesome things about it. My joints kill me after a game of racquetball or bball.

    Here is the link to my fitday account, it is for tomorrows intake (no activity added yet) - Diet and Fitness journal for chrisl44
    Its a little low, but I will tweak it as I find out how my body feels.

    I know I can put on muscle, im a super-endo, so total-weightloss and toning what I have is my goal, so keep that in mind before saying you are going to lose it all. haha.

  7. Just had my medication counseling exam, Im a pharmacy major, and my breakfast went pretty good.

    3/4 cup eggwhites with a whole egg
    1/4 cup of oatmeal
    1 gala apple

    *anyone know a sensible way to make oats not taste like a$$?

    2 Pieces of Double fiber bread (10g of fiber, 200kcal)
    Two tuna burgers (about 45g protein and 1.5 g of fat)
    1 medium banana.

    2:30 pm
    1 Tuna Burger
    1 cup of green beans
    *forgot my rice, damnit

  8. You post at M&F too? Jc... as for oats not tasting like arse... try
    Raw oats w/ yogurt

  9. Good luck and keep in mind that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I am in a similar boat. I am 36 5 11 around 25 percent bf and big muscles. i have decided to get a flat stomach by 01/01/08 and wash boards by 04/01/08. keep the faith

  10. I drank about 1.5 gallons of water yesterday and had about half a tub of cottage cheese for a snack.

    Workout was decent, wasn't really feeling it after my long day. Today's will be better I'm sure.

  11. Did plyo's for the first time today, they are killer. I might decided to do plyo's on my cardio day instead of mixing it with a full body workout until I am more acclimated to them. Diet is fine, have'nt deviated .

  12. Subbed...Good luck to ya!!

  13. ....The indians are giving me a heart attack right now. 3-1.... GO TRIBE!

  14. Hey... haven't heard from you in a while. How's everything going?

  15. Maybe he actually had a heart attack after the Tribe lost.

  16. Sorry guys, it hasn't gone well the last week. My aunt passed away in a very tragic way and I have been swamped with school work (catching up from missed things). I will be starting it back up tomorrow. Thanks for checking up.

  17. Hey man, just wanted to encourage you.
    I once had eerily similar stats, im the same height as you, although when i started to lose weight (from 325, 5'11) i think i had less muscle than you.
    It took me around 2 years to go from 325, to 205. In that time i experimented with lots of stuff, mostly to avoid having to perfect my diet. If you do a search for me i think i posted a bunch of pics of how fat i used to be in one of my threads a couple years ago, and then pics from when i was around 205.

    I just want to say, that it IS a marathon, and if you think its a sprint, you wont internalize all the habits you need to be successful.

    Which is where i am right now.. i was in the best shape of my life, coming off a cycle of pheraplex and a bunch of other stuff. I was the leanest ive ever been... then i got married.

    that was 2 years ago, now im back up to 270 and just getting my crap together again. My problem was i stopped caring what i looked like, because i didnt need to attract women anymore (as i now had a wife.) My motivation had ceased, and the eating began in earnest.
    I was working a manual labor job for the better part of the last year and a half, so that kept me around 250 simply because i had so much exersize on the jobsite. Then i quit, and started to go to school and a gained another 20lbs.
    I woke up one morning and finally had enough.. now im back on the bandwagon, and i know i can make it stick this time.

    I just want to let you know that you can do it... and there will be times you are discouraged, but just keep going and you will get there.

    And hopefully you dont make all the dumb mistakes i did

  18. Well you guys probably thought I died, and I nearly did. After my aunts passing and with schools pressure (im in school to get become a doctor of pharmacy)....I got mono. So here I am, tomorrow I am cleared to be lifting again. Ironically, I did not lose a lot of weight, but I have a feeling I lost plenty of strength, so I will gage that in the gym tomorrow. I think throughout the entire ordeal I dropped 5 lbs. So I will keep you guys up to date, thanks for following.

    Kristopher, I feel that I have a sensitivity with carbs, have you found more success in limiting carbs (not totally getting rid of them)?

  19. Haha the spleen has returned to normal size finally, and I am cleared for take off. I had started lifting and noticed a strange sensation in my back and decided to get it checked. My idiot doctor told me my spleen was normal size when he used "manual percussion", but an ultrasound revealed it was swollen.

    My diet is back on track (doing a low-carb) approach, only thing that has worked for me.

    Ill keep ya up to date. Thanks for following.

  20. Long day today, started at 7 and ended at 6. Just got done watching my Buckeyes screw up another shot at a national championship, its hard to take. Today went good, not entirely sure on the fats and protein but there was plenty. I think I held the carbs to around 16 grams (mostly in the form of spinach greens).

    For all of you wondering what the hell im doing taking just 16 grams, trust me, it works for me.

    Even though im mad, go bucks.

  21. Again today the carbs are nice and low, around 25grams. Energy levels are starting to get noticeably lower, which is expected. I picked up a B-complex to take and that seemed to help with the workout a little.

    Plus im looking at some good things for the joints.

    Any recommendations with Animal Flex or cissus?

  22. 25 grams seems almost TOO low, especially for low carb. How do you manage that

  23. The way I have chose to go about weightloss is called starvation adaptive state. This sounds bad, but what you have to understand is I am taking in almost my maintenanace calories. It works on the phenomena of ketone bodies. By restricting glucose, my body will run on ketone bodies for a short amount of time. Suprisingly, during starvation adaptive state, your body uses very little muscle mass, because your bodies primary fuel is ketones, which comes from oxidizing triacylglycerols. Now certain parts of your body really prefer glucose, like your brain and your red blood cells. Infact your RBC's solely run on glucose, but the amount of muscle wasting I will be losing isnt that much more than another diet.

    Yea 20-25 carbs will go up after the first two weeks to around 50

    I only plan on doing this for a short amount of time.

  24. Today was a good day, I think the B-complex is really helping out with energy. I had only consumed 9 carbs until dinner so I treated myself to a steak dinner with green beans and a side salad w/ bleu cheese, it was awesome.

    I feel a little jittery though, I had some diet pepsi earlier that was REALLY strong, like all syrup and I think the caffeine is getting to me.

    Other than that its been a good day, my gym leverage squat machine arrives tomorrow so I am pretty stoked.

  25. Alright diet has been clean for the first week. Last couple of days I had felt like crap, but Im over it. Im chalking it up to the keto-flu, which blows. Nothing like literally feeling your body switching the way it is working, it is pretty awesome. Since I have my new regained energy, I will begin my mild HIIT program on monday.

    I am down 6lbs in 5 days (all water), but you have to start somewhere.

    That leaves the weight as begun


    Thanks for checking in on me and my progress and god bless.

  26. keep at it bro best of luck

  27. Hey man, good to hear you are well, and on track!

    When i started to diet i got on a CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet) and lost probably 40lbs+ on it. I really enjoyed it for the most part, and i suggest you check it out, as it limits muscle loss while maximizing energy while limiting carbs.

    I found that limiting carbs (as i am also carb sensitive) was really the only way i can lose fat and not muscle.

    Right now i am trying to stick with moderate intake, low GI carbs. Its up and down. being married makes life more difficult as i cant just eat gross tasting food all the time to make myself eat less

    I have had to learn portion control, where that has been an issue in the past, CKD was great for me because you dont really have to limit high fat/protein foods, as your body just tells you to stop when its time to stop.

  28. I'm always up for giving support!!!

  29. Thanks for the support guys, last night after my brutal midterm I had some mexican food, a cheat, but it wasn't too bad. I lost 6 lbs the first week, so it is a good motivating factor. I think the think that the next step is to look for a good anti-ox/non-stim thermo. Not needing to be put together, just that is my supp. wishlist. I am 6 lbs closer to my weight-loss goal, so its a good day.

  30. Everything has been clean since my mexican meal, which I can still taste, mmm delicious. So i invested in a piece of home gym equiptment, for a nice little workout before class. I got a total trainer (looks like the thing chuck norris is the spokesman for. It uses your body weight for resistance. I got this one because my mom wanted to get something for pilates and you can use this thing for both training and resistance. Im a big boy (321 currently) and using my body weight on this thing is kinda kicking my a$$. Especially on this keto, Im pretty worn out after 15 minutes, it kinda feels like a mild HIIT session. Well im not trying to plug this machine, I just figured I would tell you guys about how a chuck norris thing is kicking an ex-powerlifters butt. ha.

  31. Glad you are enjoying your new toy.

  32. Thanks crader, I am enjoying it, it is still kicking my butt. Which is bringing me to my next point. Has anyone tried the Anabolic Diet? I am very interested, it sticks along the lines of low-carb, but then there is a 2 day carb load on weekends. I am very interested in it, I still love the low-carb approach, but being in ketosis for too long cannot be too great for your heart.

    Diet is still good.

    Had a piece of fudge, it was awesome, but that is the only deviation.

  33. Hello. Keep up the good work. I have experimented with many types of diets and found 6 days extremely low carb followed by a sunday refeed to include as many carbs as I want with the caveat that each feeding can be composed of carb and protein, or fat and protein...but no carb and fat together. I have very sensitive blood sugar and found the two day refeed/recarb to be too much. After my sunday refeed I can be back in ketosis by monday afternoon with a little help from R-ALA, and Sesamin. If I know that I am going to cheat during the week, I do a workout of Tabata sets and take some R-ALA immediately after and Cheat within an hour of completion. I usually find that I can stay in ketosis if I work hard on the Tabata sets and limit my carb cheat to 150 grams. Also, you must have ketone reagent strips on a ketogenic diet. They let you know your carb thresholds, and MOST importantly, they give you visual feedback that you are pissing out burnt fat cells.
    Best of Luck,

  34. Not a whole lot to report guys. I ordered some DCP and some Java soap for some scar tissue. As of 2.5 weeks im down 10lbs (with a couple cheats in there). I have switched to more of an AD mind frame, rather than atkins, only ill do a one meal carb up every 10 days, opposed to a whole weekend, every weekend. Workouts are getting better, my body is getting acclimated to working on ketone bodies. Just had a really fascinating lecture today about chylomicron synthesis and cholesterol utilization. Basically without saying it, the professor was condoning low carb, moderate fat , high protein diets. By the way my professor is jacked, Chinese guy about 5'6'' probably pushing 200lbs of pure muscle. I talked to him after class and he is actually doing the AD, and has been for 5 years. He told me that asparagus, broccoli, spinach and brussel sprouts will be my best sources of carbs, and eventually i can work in higher fiber breads. So it was nice to talk to someone with good experiences in using a lower carb diet.

  35. By the by, my DCP and Java came into today, so conversely this thread will serve as a thread still for weight loss and see if java soap can battle the hypertrophic scars on my chest.

    DCP will be the only weight loss supp I am running (sensitive to stims.) and on a low-carb diet I dont want too much insulin released from catecholamine stimulation. Any recommendations on the dosing?

    Started: 331lbs. Now: 319lbs (12lbs so far and counting)

  36. Quote Originally Posted by Socrates44 View Post
    By the by, my DCP and Java come into today, so conversely this thread will serve as a thread still for weight loss and see if java soap can battle the hypertrophic scars on my chest.

    DCP will be the only weight loss supp I am running (sensitive to stims.) and on a low-carb diet I dont want too much insulin released from catecholamine stimulation. Any recommendations on the dosing?

    Started: 331lbs. Now: 319lbs (12lbs so far and counting)

    I cant wait for the results from the soap. Will you be doing pic progress?

    DCP dosing is really up to you and how much you tolerate. I take 2 in the am 4 before workout and 2 before bed. But many people are taking 3,3,3 dosing or even higher then that.

  37. Oh and congrats on the 12 lbs

  38. Sesamin...get it. k-r-ala...get it. Low-carb awesomeness

  39. What doses would you recommend on the sesamin and k-r-ala

    Im excited I got my cheat meal today, and screw low fat, low carb. Im getting Chinese.

    Chinese was excellent, felt good to eat whatever I wanted, and I cant wait to get back on it tomorrow.

    crader, with the java soap do you rub the bar directly onto the skin or use like a loofa?

  40. subbed....keep it up!!


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