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    I don't know if anyone is interested or not but here is some sites for nutrition. Anyone can add more if you know some. - a great site for the glycemic index. - good site, you can track what you are eating every day, the calories, the fat, the carbs, everything. You have to sign up, but it is free. This one is my favourite. - great site for finding the nutritional value of foods with no sign up or anything. Just type in the name of the food then find which specific one you are talking about. - a good site to find nutritional value for fast food and regular foods and is free with no sign up. - good article on keto. - another good article on keto.

  2. Carbohydrates and Fats

    Here are a couple of articles I keep coming back to on carbohydrates and fats. Looking at lipids in terms of prostaglandins etc. is interesting to me. I haven't seen many articles here or on other sites with this info.

    Edit: Another interesting read on fats...****61&page****1


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