the alli diet

  1. the alli diet

    alright whats the scoop on this thing. have you tried it? do you know anyone whos tried it?

    so far all ive heard is it works...but gives you the ****s haha

  2. Basically it blocks a certain % of fat. The higher the % of fat in your meals, the bigger case of squirts you get. That's how the diet works. You basically eat a low fat diet or you'll pay for it later. I think it blocks 25-50% of fat intake.

  3. its only useful if you have no self control, which doesn't seem to be the case with you

  4. this is basically just low dose xenical but if you do a search there was some information that high doses of chitosan and vitamin c negated the ****eeey side effects i cant remember were i read it or what the doseing schedule was i will try to find it

  5. p.s. friend of mine was on xenical oh for about two days he said i would rather be fat than have to wear a diaper

  6. ok so i found the page but not the exact information but if you want to try alli there is alot of info on xenical here i would just take it with a grain of salt

  7. my freind in NY was on this, her responce was simliar to some of the above, she was always in the bathroom and got bad stomach cramps.....LOL Made me laugh at her txt messages I have to be honest......But i dont think I would try it....
    RIP Ryan, :(


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