Cardio Question

  1. Cardio Question

    So I know that any cardio is good cardio but Im wondering how much more effective would cardio before bed be or cardio when you just wake up.

    as of right now i do a good 40minutes when i wake up but Im wondering if adding on a 20 minute session before I go to sleep might trigger my metabolism or boost some type of weight loss miracle haha

    any thoughts?

  2. why not try interval training, keeping your heart rate pumping, do 40 mins on the treadmill, 3 mins fast/jog type, 1 min slow?? works for me....

    RIP Ryan, :(

  3. i know that kind of stuff works but im looking for an idea on how it effects my metanolism in comparison to doing that routine in the morning

    some say it goes to waste cause your metabolism slows when youre asleep and ive heard that it fires it up when you sleep

    im just confused

  4. The bedtime cardio is probably a bad idea, as it may make it harder to fall asleep. mornings at least 3 times a week is your best bet

  5. Well, I've had really great success with morning cardio, pre-breakfast. The idea is if your glycogen stores are depleted (which happens while you sleep), then as soon as you start your cardio, you are burning fat rather than spending the first 20 minutes burning the carbs stored in your muscles. It takes a little more effort to do your cardio, but it does burn the fat faster in my experience. You can have a little protien or BCAAs before you run, but certainly no carbs.

    As far as doing it before you go to bed to ramp up your metabolism before you sleep, I haven't heard anything about that, however if you are trying to burn fat, I would do it in the morning. I also think it might be hard to sleep if you ramped yourself up before bed.

  6. Shorter duration more intense cardio like TC suggested will give you a better metabolic boost than lower intensity cardio.

  7. You may burn calories with morning cardio on empty stomach, which is popular, but if you do HIIT training after weightlifting in the evening you actually burn more fat than before weightlifting or cardio alone. The HIIT training boosts postworkout metabolic rate higher than steady-state cardio at any time of day. As much as 65% more if done properly, which will burn much more fat while helping to maintain size. Hope that helps...Good luck


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