Looking for a fat cutting supplement.

  1. Looking for a fat cutting supplement.

    Hey guys, I'm looking to cut fat but try any not loose any muscle at all, maybe gain some? and i dont wanna do gear. Could anybody tell me some good supplements for cutting? I was thinking of Universal Animal Cuts because everything so far off universal has done me well but i wouldnt doubt there is stuff thats way better out there. im kinda sick of doing abs everyday and havin jacksh*t to show for it. ya feel me? plus on another note, after lifting should i take a post workout shake and then do cardio? or take a postwork out after lifitng and cardio? if i should take it after lifting how long should i wait to do cardio? any advice would really help me out.

  2. Is your nutrition in order?

    Cutting without ANY muscle loss at all is a bit unrealistic. If you were really worried, you could split your cardio and lifting sessions a few hours apart.

    Does your lifting include more than ab work? Getting your abs will be more with diet than situps...

    As for supplements, you could start off with some caffeine free types like DCP, sesamin, green tea. Or Leviathan if you can handle caffeine.

    Primarily I think you should post your diet up instead and get a critique.

  3. At least track the diet. Use fitday


    to start entering everything you eat. You can't accurately change it unless you can accurately measure it. And I disagree a little with AB, you can manage to loose fat without loosing muscle, but you can't do it really fast. 1-1.5lbs a week loss is possible. High dosed CLA (9g/day), HMB (4g/day) plus Sesamin + clean diet, and you can loose fat without muscle.

    But getting a firm grip on what you are eating is the critical part. Generally playing with carbohydrates is most effective. Dumping all simple carbs out of your diet (including white bread + regular pasta, regular potatos etc) and subbing in complex carbs (whole grain breads/pasta,sweet potatos), and taking in most carbs early in the day and tapering off later in the day seems to be very effective

  4. I would say I eat clean, but yeah i do eat simple carbs/ and complex carbs and theyre later in the day casue they are ussualy for dinner, but is it ok since i workout at night?
    ussual rundown
    Casein Shake with oats and skim milk upon waking (10am), wait 45mins, then have big egg white omlete, hard to say how much eggs i use becuse i buy whites sepretley, a piece of fruit usually a apple of banana, (1pm)later have a turkey with sandwich with whole grain bread, i ussually like to put all natural peanut butter on the sandwich, people think its gross but i like it, later ill have a bowl of cherrios, then for dinner i ussually have steak/ salmon / a burger (90% lean)/ chicken with some vegetables like green beans or some white rice, then ill wait for about 2-3 hours and have a 50 gram whey protein shake and i susually put a banana in the shake, wait an hour then work out (10pm) which lasts for about 2 hours, have a 40 gram postwork out shake, later at night around 2am ill have another casein shake
    i only really drink milk and water, i drink more than a gallon a day for the creatine, take a multivitamin, i add BCAA's to almost all my shakes, and all through the day i might snack on some raisins, carrots, apples, bananas, nectarines,

    what do u think?

  5. Doesn't sound too bad but a lot is about quantity too, and even stuff like sauces, ketchup, etc. Track for a few days at fitday and see.

    To clip some easy calories out, making the shakes with water instead of milk alone will probably save enough to start making a difference. even with it having been skim. That and try to avoid white rice, and limit the other carbs more in the evening. So green / leafy vegetables with dinner, and no fruit in the evenings either after dinner.

  6. Diet.Is.Key. And I caN't stress this enough. And while it's not impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time (newbies usually experience this treat in the first few weeks of lifting) I will say the lower your bf% goes, the harder it becomes. Start paying attention to the details in your diet.
  7. High Protein and cut down carbs

    Diet is the number one thing in trying to lose weight. Eat more smaller meals throughout the day. I would suggest go high protein and cut down on the carbs. Make sure you are getting good fats (Omegas 3-6-9), enough fiber and water. The fiber and water will help you to feel full as you reduce your overall caloric intake. It isn't too hard, less calories in compared to what you are burning.

    Take a look at what your BMR is, which you can easily find on the internet. It will give you an idea as to what your caloric intake should be, so you know what to cut it down to.

    Agree with earlier poster about adding in some protein shakes. I mix ON whey and ON casein to get quick release protein and slow release aminos. The Casein helps to keep me fuller for longer periods and keep me in a positive nitrogen balance. I saw the big reduction in weight when I increased my protein intake and cut down the carbs. I also feel better in general.

    Get in cardio and weight lifting sessions as well. You got to burn the calories to get into a deficit, don't just eat less to create a deficit.

    Good luck and hope this helps. Take action and get to it!!


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