need some advice

  1. need some advice

    hey guys well here goes.... i am currently 5'11 275 lbs... i am currently playin football for a semi-pro team here where i live.... i want to drop some weight and get stronger at the same time, i just started dieting my diet consists of lots of tuna no mayo, grilled chicken , salmon, and pb sandwiches on wheat bread, raisin bran cereal with skim milk and lots of fruits....... i need advice on what else i can add to my diet or take off of it to help me achieve my goal of 230 lbs by the time the season starts in january 08... i want to be quicker on the field and also most importantly i want to start livin a healthier lifestyle... my workouts include runs for 25 minutes a day and lifting every other day..... please help me out with some advice......

  2. Well, what you really should do is start getting everything including quantity down on paper or somewhere. is a good place. then you can look at overall macros which helps. Cause its not just the types of foods, its also the amounts, and balance of carbs/fats/protein.

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