Weight Gains 101(good read)

  1. Weight Gains 101(good read)

    I took this from SIX PACK a good bro of mine...he posted this on his board and i though i would post it here...

    Weight Gain 101 Read It BY MASSIVE MEMBER

    This is a hell of a post by masive member so he derserves all the credit for it great job bro

    PART 1

    This is for all Ectomorphs. Yea you. The thin, skinny, tall, flat chested, rapid metabolism, nervous, can?t sit still Ectomorph. You want to gain weight?

    If you?re not gaining weight, you?re not eating enough. You need to determine how many calories you?re taking in. Weigh yourself on day 1 first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Keep track of all the calories you eat for 14 days. On day 15 weigh yourself again, if your weight has not changed by plus or minus 2 pounds this will work. Add up the calories for each day and divide by 14. The number you come out with is how many calories you need to eat each day to maintain your current bodyweight. Now to start gaining weight you need to add 300-500 calories to this number. Go 7 days then weigh yourself again. Slowly up the calories until you see an increase in weight.

    Only try to gain 1-2 pounds a week. More than this on a consistent basis will lead to more increases in fat than muscle. Check your progress every 4 weeks with skinfold calipers and a cloth tape measure. If you?re desperately thin, a 10-pound increase consisting of 5 pounds of fat & 5 pounds of muscle is ok. A 2:1 ratio of muscle to fat would be ideal. Don?t be afraid of increases in fat. As long as it?s not settling solely around your waist you?re ok.

    There are 8 basic components of nutrition.

    Calories ? besides what was mentioned earlier, you should be eating at least 6 times a day every 2-3 hours. A rough example would be 7:00am, 10:00am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 10pm.

    Protein ? 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.(INLESS YOU ARE ON GEAR THEN UP IT TO 2 GRAMS PER LBS ***SHOT***) popular choices are chicken, turkey, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, milk, whey, lean cuts of red meat, fish

    Carbs ? 2.5 to 3 grams per pound of bodyweight. popular choices are whole grain brown rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, beans, whole grain breads and cereals, yams.

    Fats ? 20-30% of total caloric intake. good fats can be found in meat, fish, canola and olive oil, nuts, seeds, legumes, and sesame and soybean oil.

    Water ? 1 gallon a day.

    Fiber ? 20-35 grams daily.

    Vitamins & Minerals ? this is easily covered with a daily multi-vitamin/mineral.

    Specifics on these 8 items can be found on this forum by searching.

    Supplements besides a multi-vitamin:

    If you cant eat enough calories or meals you should consider using a weight gainer or high calorie MRP.

    If you can?t eat enough protein you should consider using a protein powder.

    After these 3 you can add creatine and glutamine if you desire and more vitamin C and E. Now don?t get your priorities out of whack. If you don?t eat enough protein, you?re not going to grow no matter how much creatine you take. If you don?t eat enough calories, you?re not going to grow no matter how much glutamine you take. Don?t believe the BS in the muscle magazines about supplements. Get the 8 basics of nutrition down pat.

    After your workouts get in some simple carbs, whey and creatine. Why? Hit the search button.

    These ideas will not turn you into a 220 pound ripped ultra low bodyfat % hulking monster of muscular might. If you weigh less than 150 pounds you should successfully reach 170-180 pounds, but give it plenty of time. When you get to this point, where you go from there will depend on genetics.

    If this doesn?t saturate your brain, here are some links you may find useful:

    PART 2

    Nutrition was covered in part 1, this concerns training. I guess this should go in the training forum but I think this deserves to be all together. This concerns the Ectomorph.

    Most training programs you see are not meant for you:

    No 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off or whatever training split

    No training twice a day

    No ?I?m using Cutlers leg routine from flex cause I?m going to kick his ass in 6 months?

    No drop sets, supersets, strip sets, descending sets, pre-exhaust sets

    No chest shoulder workout consisting of flat bench for whole chest then incline bench for upper chest then decline bench for lower chest followed by flyes and crossovers then shoulder press for shoulders followed by front raises for front shoulder, side laterals for side shoulder then rear laterals for rear shoulder

    No 2-hour training sessions

    No training just arms and chest unless the woman you desire gets horny from looking at a light bulb which what you?re going to look like.

    Pretty much all routines you see. Training programs for an Ectomorph have to be short and intense. Get in, workout, get out, and then get plenty of rest and nutrients before next training session. Take at least 1 day off between workouts, 2 would be better. This would have you training every 3rd day.

    These are the exercises you should concern yourself with:
    Squats, deadlifts, bench press, shoulder press, chin-ups, bent over rows, upright rows, cleans, hack squats, dips, stiff-arm pullover, stiff leg deadlift, dips

    These are called compound movements because they hit more than one bodypart. Don?t waste time on isolation movements. These hit one bodypart and are useless for a beginning Ectomorph.

    If your arms are less than 15 inches, don?t train them directly.

    If your chest measures less than 40 inches, do presses and dips only.

    If your calves are less than 14 inches, don?t train them directly.

    Learn the mind-muscle connection (no, not the rock and sock connection). Don?t just lift the weight from point A to point B. Make the muscle work throughout the entire range of motion. Concentrate on the quality of each rep rather than on quantity of weight. If you can?t feel the muscle working and cramping as the set progresses, you?re probably using too much weight.

    Your workouts should last between 45-90 minutes. Realize that no matter how perfect your diet may

    PART 3

    For an Ectomorph, getting bigger doesn't just happen. You have to put in the time and effort 24/7. Remember this is a lifestyle; it's not something you can just do whenever you feel like, especially if you want results. You have goals you have to meet each and every day.

    You have to eat X amount of calories each day.

    You have to eat X amount of protein each day.

    You have to eat X amount of carbs each day.

    You have to eat X amount of fat each day.

    You have to drink X amount of water each day.

    You have to eat X amount of fiber each day.

    You have to take your supplements.

    You have to do your workouts lifting X amount of weight for X amount of reps.

    Each day make sure you hit all your goals. A way you can check this is to get yourself a calendar. If you did everything you were supposed to, put a checkmark for that day. If you didn't, mark an X and put what you didn?t do and the reason why. As time goes by, if you're not getting results you will start to see a pattern developing on your calendar. Like if you?re consistently skipping workouts, or neglecting your supplements or skimping on your protein intake.

    At the end of your cycle, grade yourself. Take the number of checkmarks and divide by how many days in cycle and get a percentage. For example if you?re training for 10 weeks, that?s 70 days. Say you have 59 checkmarks; divide 59 by 70 and you get 84%. Anything below 80% on a consistent basis is not good (hey, I once got a 25).

    This may seem anal, but if your a true Ectomorph, you need to do everything right each day to see results. Muscle growth for us doesn?t just happen; we have to work really hard for it. I use this for myself and those I help out and even though I?m not by their side each day, I can take a quick look at their calendar and if they?re getting results, it?s covered with checkmarks. And if they?re complaining that they?re not getting results, it?s covered with X?s.

  2. Here are parts 4 and 5

    PART 4

    An overlooked but very important part of a successful training program is rest. Your body needs time to rest after a workout so that your muscles can recuperate and grow. If you are not allowing enough time between workouts to let your body fully recover, workouts will suffer and muscle growth will not occur. Exercise recovery, healing, tissue repair, anabolic hormone production and muscle growth are all maximized during sleep. Initial effects of sleep deprivation are sleepiness, but in the long term its consequences can include an interference with the release of growth hormone.

    A common mistake many Ectomorphs make is training too often. Just because some people train three or four times a week does not mean that you have to do the same. If you ignore the recovery process and workout again before your muscles are fully recovered, you will be consistently tearing down muscle tissue and never allowing it to rebuild.

    You have to look forward to your workouts. If you dread working out, you won?t get results. Also, if you just go through the motions, you won?t grow. Don?t believe that you have to workout everyday or if you don?t workout for a few days your muscles will lose size. That?s just not true. Your body grows during sleep, not when you workout. The more an Ectomorph works out each week, the less he?ll grow.

    If you engage in too much extracurricular activity, kiss gains goodbye. Leave till later after acquired muscle mass. I knew of one guy would who get off work, go home, lift, then go to softball practice. He never made the kind of progress he should have.

    More training does not equal more muscle growth. Understand that the purpose of weight training is to stimulate muscle growth. That takes very little time. Once that has been done, the muscle needs to be repaired and new muscle needs to be built. That only happens when you are resting. You do not build muscle in the gym, you build muscle when resting. If you never give your body any essential non-active time, when will it have a chance to build muscle.

    Even more practical is to avoid constant striving to prolong indefinitely those wonderful times when you're on a roll of PRs. Most of us can peak for about four to eight weeks. At some point you need to recognize that it can't last. It makes sense to regroup and recover for a while before planning new goals. This is the way to avoid overtraining altogether.

    Some of this is my own words and some is from other sources.

    PART 5

    training and nutrition logs

    in a training log, you simply write down the exercises you did, sets, reps, weights and the time you started and finished. how does that saying go, "you'll never get where you're going if you dont know where youve been." no more guessing how much weight you squatted last week or how many reps you pressed. it will be right there for you to see. you can also add notes or comments about grip placement or something you did to really feel the muscle work that you want to remember for next workout.

    also use it to plan upcoming workouts. when you set foot into a gym, you need to know exactly what you're going to do before you even get in there. if you walk in and say, "gee, now what am i gonna do", your workouts are going to suffer. as soon as you finish your sets of a particular exercise, right then and there mark on your log what you want to accomplish next workout. do you want to increase the weight by 5 lbs or maybe 10 lbs? do you want to do a few more reps with the same weight? make a judegment right then and there instead of later on. write it down. next time you do that workout, you can continue where you left off instead of wasting precious time squatting a weight you did 2 weeks ago.

    for your nutrition log, this where you keep tabs of your calories, protein, carbs, fat, fat %, and fiber each and every day. if you want to list every single item you ate or drank thats up to you. this may seem like a pain in the rear at first but after a while it will get easier especially if you eat pretty much the same things day after day. remember nutrition plays a big role in getting bigger and here is your proof that you were eating and drinking what you had to to reach that goal. this is where you keep tabs on your bodyweight, bodyfat % and measurements also.

    lets say today you ate 3800 calories, 145gr of protein, 361gr of carbs, 92gr of fat and 29 grams of fiber and you weigh 142 pounds. you ate enough protein, 142 times 2.5 equals 355 so you ate enough carbs, 92 times 9 equals 828 divided by 3800 equals 21% so you got enoug fat. and at 29 grams you got enough fiber. now if you wasnt writing this down each day, how would you know all this? you'll get much better results than the person who

  3. Another nice post SHOT......Would it upset you if I moved this to the nutrition section, or at least a copy of it? Im positive more people would read it there.....

  4. Sure post it there too if you want.

  5. Shot ws nice enough to send it to me via AIM. I read it, and, as I posted at massmakerz, what about endos. How should we eat to avoid putting on excess bf. I keep by diet very clean, but, fat comes regardless, so, that's my question.

  6. Nice post SHOT indeed. I am just now coming across this and it is excellent bro. This definently needs to be bumped and read again by some people. Thanks bro this is great.

  7. thanks bro, I sure like the whole calendar thing.

    Karma fo u budy

  8. Originally posted by txwakeskater
    thanks bro, I sure like the whole calendar thing.

    Karma fo u budy
    Glad to see at least you read it Rakey! Now, do it!

  9. didnt realize this was posted here.

    glad you like it.



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