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    just wondering if it would be ok to take N.O. Explode and Hydroxycut hardcore at the same time. I'm 240lbs with a goo build and i want to get ripped more and not loose as much muscle mass. Should ii take the hydroxycut alone or both would be ok.

  2. man..i wouldnt take the two together.....i tried it even after i was told not to...didnt like the results..i threw up all over the place and felt like crap...then i only took the hydroxy on my non-workout/cardio days and the n.o xplode on workout days and loved the results...just remember that diet is the MOST important thing..and sorry to tell u...but u will lose a small amount of mass if you want to cut up...its ineveitable..

  3. hydroxy cut has caffeine in it which constricts your blood vessels. NO expands them. take jcleavers advice and alternate.

  4. Don't take two caffeine/stim containing supplements at the same time.

    Take your NOxplode pre-workout, and HH at another time during the day.

  5. What they said I took NO Shotgun with fat burners, and that always left me feeling nasty as hell. just leaving a few hours space inbetween (3-4) made a huge difference



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