Is fat before bed just as bad as carbs?

  1. Is fat before bed just as bad as carbs?

    I heard recently that one should base their meals either on pro + carbs or pro + fats. And since everyone knows carbs before bed are bad, would that mean that it's okay to take in fats, good fats of course, before bed? Or should you just try to take in protein with the least amount of carbs/fat possible?

  2. A tablespoon of flax would be good to take with your protein. It will help slow digestion, leaving your body less starved when you wake up.

  3. Say you are aiming for 400 calories for your last meal of the day, strive for 50-60 grams of slow digesting protein and about 18-20 grams of "good fats" - such as;

    - almonds/walnuts (raw)
    - fish oil
    - salmon
    - flax seed oil
    - omega-3 enriched eggs
    - olives/olive oil

  4. I had been using peanuts instead of walnuts because they have less fat, less carbs, and more protein. But I'll assume you guys know more than I do and take your word for it.

  5. Here is my take...

    protein shake at night (low carb) with a TBSP of peanut butter. Shake consists of 2 cups H2O and 1 cup skim milk. Add some flaxseed oil if desired


    If your last meal is 3-4 hrs before bedtime, take 6 g GLA

    Again, that is MY take

  6. Originally posted by sawastea
    Here is my take...

    protein shake at night (low carb) with a TBSP of peanut butter. Shake consists of 2 cups H2O and 1 cup skim milk.
    Thats one mighty thin shake...with 3 cups liquid ( ) A prot/carb and prot/fat diet isnt a must. not at all. a preference. but keeping carb intake low towards the end of the day is pretty crucial for an all around solid diet. Peanuts and/or natural peanut butter is fine. Heck, i go through easily 6 tbls of PB a day !!!! But dont decide the nut really by its overall fat content and grams of protein. First, majority of fats from unsalted unsweetned nuts are as you put it "good' fats. mainly monounsaturated. The protein source is minimal and need a good serving to 3 servings to take in anywhere between 15-20grams, depending on the type of nut. Also, its an incomplete protein meaning protein sources such as meat, poultry, dairy would fit you better. So dont worry about the protein-fat comparison. If Peanut butter is your thing, try almond and cashew butter for a lil' change.

  7. It's actually a good idea to take a tablespoon of flax along with some casein protein such as a cup of cottage cheese right before bedtime. It helps slow the digestion of the protein keeping you in an anabolic state for longer.


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