Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations...

  1. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations...

    As I newbie to the forum, I'm trying to read through a good number of posts to see if can find the answers to my questions before starting a new thread. However, because I'm also new to a lot of the concepts covered here I'm having trouble understanding a lot of the posts fully because of the number of abbreviations, acronyms and aliases used which I don't understand. Is there a Glossary somewhere for commonly used abbreviations and terms that we newbs might not know.

    Also... thanks guys. You've put together a really amazing resource by making this board and I appreciate it.


  2. YES! please, i am confused as well by all of the acronyms.

  3. Hmm no glossary, although that is a worthy project!

    Searching I found:
    Acronyms and Abbreviations.
    would u be kind and..

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