need help

  1. need help

    i am new to this and need some help ...... i am currently 5'11 and weigh 275 i want to drop down to at least 230...... i currently got a membership to a workout facility and want to begin my quest but the only thing is, is that i dont know where to start.... so if you all can help me out i would appreciate it.

  2. we've all seen those great weight loss commercials with the thin guys and gals saying they lost a bunch of weight by taking this magic pill right? did you ever notice that @ the bottom theres a little info strip saying that with diet and exercise these are the results. So what I'm saying is this 1st there is no magic pill (not saying that you think there is) but know that going forward, 2nd DIET should be the most important thing in your life starting NOW, it will take sometime to get where you are aiming but that goal is achievable, 3rd this is a HUGE lifestyle change not a little one that can be done when you feel like it i.e. well i ate healthy yesterday so i think I'll devour a whole pizza today and somehow in our minds we can rationalize that kind of action...WRONG IDEA, if you do that you mind as well not even lie to yourself because you will not get the results you are looking for anyway (again not saying this/these are the things you are doing but look for these kinds of behaviors) and 4th (i think I'm on #4) before you really get into this ask yourself in COMPLETE i will to go the distance not just for today but for tomorrow and on? am i willing to work hard for this or is this something I'm going to do for 3 to 6 months start seeing results and then stop or slow way down then stop (again HUGE lifestyle change here). there are times that you will be able to eat pizza and pasta so on and so forth but in the beginning most likely not (depending on your diet and goals) there might be times when you're hungry and may want to say f*** it! thats your decision brother, its your body and health...i'm not trying to say one needs to obsess over it but pretty close. when i am going to be away from my house or somewhere else i can control what food i ingest i have to think.....OK what is the most nutritional food i can eat where I'm going and how much....and after you get your diet in line you will have enough info to make a sound suggestion is hang around in the nutrition forum ask specific questions and RESEARCH the advise given to you (especially from ME)(joking).....S*** i just realized this is the most I've typed here ever and I'm sure i left out things that someone else will comment on......know this theres a lot of good advise given here so listen up (as I'm sure you will) and ask.

  3. Here's my routine and this week I dropped about 3 pounds of pure flab. You can do it, set yourself up for success and get the tools and info to help you succeed, here's a start.

    phosphatydalsyrene (sic)?
    5htp (helps keep the mood up)

    500 calories below my maintenance total so thats 2500 calories per day. 50 grams of protien per meal. I cycle my carbs so on workout days I'm eating about 20 grams of carbs per meal until 5pm and then no carbs. On non workout days I'm eating the same amount of calories, but almost no carbs, which are replaced by protiens and healthy fats. THANK THE MEMBER WORKIN' FOR THIS ADVICE.

    I lift MWF with 10 minutes of low intensity cycling following workout. On non lifting days T TR S I'm doing 20 minutes of high intensity cardio. Rest on Sunday.
    This routine has worked really well and my strength has CLIMBED. While dropping about an inch off my gut so far I started at 209 and I'm now down to 198 and I really feel great.

    Helpful hints.
    Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels.

    Think of food as material that facilitates your fitness goals.

    Pick a day where you splurge. Mine was last night, "cookie dough don't you want some" at Cold Stone!

    Keep a log and notice what's working and what isn't. Change as needed and keep moving forward.

    Tools you might wan't to get.

    Body tape measure.

    Journal to record progress.

    Food Scale.

    Bookmark CalorieKing - Diet and weight loss. Calorie Counter and more. Count those calories!



  4. thanks guys........ i start on my transformation tommorrow and there is no looking back for me ...... i want it and i will achieve it........

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