furazadrol/fish oil/flax/ levi/ sesamin/ cls,gla.....

  1. Exclamation furazadrol/fish oil/flax/ levi/ sesamin/ cls,gla.....

    guys im gona b running this cocktail for about 5 weeks. current weight is at 186 and about 18% bf or so....

    fur- 3 per day
    fish oil- 3 per day
    levi- 4 per day
    sesamin- 3 per day
    cls, gla- 10 per day
    ON protien

    20 min cardios 3 to 4 times a week....

    looking to shed some fat while on this puppy. what should i add, delete, etc from what i have already? i'll have a SERM and others for PCT. any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. thanks again!


  2. Furazadrol might be conflicting with the seamin. I'll look it up unless someone can help me out. Can't remember but it could be something to do with ppar's.

  3. i would greatly app that my brother. can someone else chime in on his comment? thank you much!

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