JW for cutting?

  1. JW for cutting?

    I just completed 3 weeks of epistane and I am starting my first dose of nolva tonight. I decided to cut my cycle one week short because I have made enough gains and it is time to get rid of some of this fat. I let myself bulk way too long (about 20% bodyfat now). Anyway, I am thinking about taking some Jungle Warfare at the end of my pct. I want to segue into a cut and will probably use clen. Is clen/jw a good cutting combo? Should I just stop the JW? Does it make any difference? What are some alternatives? thanks.

  2. if you're just coming off a cycle of Epi and you're running your PCT I'm not sure I'd be so eager to mess w JW. nobody really knows how or what it does and some users complain that it causes further shut down. definitely if you're ending a heavy duty cycle you must give yourself enough time off to fully recuperate. your body is not ready to take on another cycle directly after PCT. usually time on + PCT = time off, so I'd give it a good while before running JW.

    I don't have much experience with Jungle Warfare, but from ALRI's writeup it's supposed to encourage lipolysis. So I guess you COULD use it for fat burning. However, I would not think about taking it until a good while after your cycle is done. Just diet down meanwhile.

  3. That is weird, i have read that quite a few people use it in their PCT?!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by andros View Post
    That is weird, i have read that quite a few people use it in their post cycle therapy?!
    yea idk people react differently to these types of compounds. a friend of mine said he was partially shut down after coming off JW. if you want a natty test boost you might be better off w Activate Xtreme or something along those lines

  5. dont use it for pct, the common consensus is that it is a mild prohormone that is htpa suppressive, although maybe insignificantly in those low doses. either way, something like activate extreme or an ai would be better for test boosting.

  6. After my epistane cycle and pct I took a week off then went into a cutting cycle consisting of jw (3 pills/day) and venom. Everyone is different but I didn't notice any shutdown, in fact the boys were full size and libido was strong. I dropped 10 lbs. and lost 2" off my waist in 6 weeks. Didn't gain much muscle size or strength but didn't lose any either. Cardio was 2-3 sessions a week on the heavy bag for 25 minutes. Diet wasn't the cleanest but I didn't binge either.

  7. Okay, I'm having second thoughts about the JW. I think what I might do is take 2-3 weeks off after my pct and then start the JW. Or maybe by then I'll have another bright idea. thanks for the help guys.


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