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  1. Ok I may be wrong on this but 3500 cal is for FAT! Fat has 9 cals in a gram, 28 grams in a once 16 onces in a pound. Now we take Carbs or Protein which have 4 cals to the gram. Which would be around 1800 Cals per pound. Muscle is mostly made of protein right. So why are we using 3500 cals per pound? Just something that I would like someone to explain to me.

  2. I know we would all like to think that if you up the calories by 3500 a week you will gain a pound a week but this is oversimplifying things.

    There are MANY factors involved including insulin sensativity, metabolism, what type of food was consumed etc etc etc.

    No I don't have a ****ING double blind placebo university study research paper to back this up. It is just my opinon so take or leave it.
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  3. i hate seeing an old ass thread posted as if it was new, just b/c you found this FTMGuy doesn't mean you need to bump it b/c we've all already read it a LONG time ago.. (hint=YJ's post); here's a new rule: unless it's DAMn important, don't post on a thread older than a month

    btw, YJ made a bunch of good posts bout stuff like this so don't bump them all

  4. kidney stones?

    no problem, drink a beer a day and it keeps the kidney stones away

    1-2 beers a day is healthy for your system.

  5. I eat more than 80g's of protein before 8am.


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