Leviathan + Adipos-x

  1. Leviathan + Adipos-x

    ok nevermind on the previous two mentioned those won't fly way too much caffine. But rather Adipos-x and DCP. Any comments or suggestions. I do a good combo of weightlifting and cardio and was just wanting a little boost to help shed some more weight
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  2. Yeah, not a great idea to stack to stims together, might be too much - in terms of caffeine and yohimbine. A stim with a non-stim would be much better.. oh.. and I heard that there is a sweet deal on NP for a DCP/Leviathan stack

  3. now i have taken leviathan and it didn't do that much for so i was gonna try adipo-x and DCP instead but could i add adipokinetix to it? or would that be too much

  4. Pick only one stim product. You can complement them with caffiene free fat burners. You could try adding sesamin also.

  5. Thanks for the help.

  6. Sheesh, sounds like you want to stack the whole store haha. I would suggest changing your diet up maybe try carb cycling or something to many supps isn't a great idea. If anything take one of those and reset ad with a good diet and up your cardio to some hiit an your good.


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