Religion and weight Loss....Help!!

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  1. Though Novadex/ATD may raise test levels (jury still out) it kills libido in higher doses...75 mg per day and I don't even think about sex for days.

  2. sameer,

    sounds to me like you have a choice between cutting out workouts altogether for about 30 days, or using a modified cutting diet/routine.

    If you just can't stay away from weights for that amount of time, inconceivable, I know, and taking into account the calorie deficit you'll obviously be facing, I think a 30 day cutting phase sounds most appropriate.

    And don't think that continuing gruelling physical training cannot be done during Ramadan. Hakeem Olajuwon's observed fasting throughout his NBA career (that includes training, practice sessions and actual games). All the best man.


  3. I hope you have a nice Ramadan!

  4. salaam alykum,

    i usually gain weight every ramadan so this year i am trying to be smarter about it. in the morning i try to eat some scambled eggs, bread, a protein shake, vitamins and as much water as i can drink

    i havent been able to lift cause i hurt my shoulder so what i have been doing is doing med pace cardio for about 30-40 min shortly before iftar.

    for dinner i have a decent meal of chicken, rice, veggies. before bed i will have cottage cheese or a protein shake. i have also been taking fish oil, flax, and sesamin like i normally do.

    so far this year i have been able to control my weight gain

    ramadan mubarak brother take care


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