Religion and weight Loss....Help!!

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    assalamu alaykum brother,

    dont sweat ramadan too much. i go thru it every year with no noticeable muscle loss. last yr i didnt even have time to work out so i only worked out about 6 times that month..

    i would just say to break ur fast with a protein shake, then pray maghrib, then have ur meal, starting with proteins, then green veggies, then carbs last. these are the rules that ori hoffmekler laid down for the Warrior Diet which is also based on a long fast, and inspired to some extent by the muslim fast. except in his diet u can have water and tiny amounts of protein throughout the day, and i wouldnt recommend following the diet in general. but u could learn from it a bit for ramadan.

    for suhur have some cottage cheese/milk/ slow-digesting proteins, and some dates.

    and like i said, dont worry about it too much. just stay away from the ramadan sweets!

    as for me,
    my pinky broke a couple weeks ago and i havent been to the gym in 1.5 months. and im thinking that i wont have time for the gym at all in ramadan, plus dont wanna break the pinky before it heals completely.

    so im not gonna touch the weights in ramadan either. that would be around 2.5-3 months away from the gym, and im not worried at all about losing muscle. it just never happens with me. now, as for gaining fat, like i said, break ur fast with protein, then have food in that order, stay away from ramadan sweets, and ull be great. maybe take some forskolin to crank up ur cAMP levels which is great for burning fat and building muscles, and preserving muscle during caloric restriction. im taking it now and it feels like my muscles are growing without going to the gym. you can get it really cheap from (its called forslean). jjust take 1-2 servings with the protein as u break ur fast and go pray maghreb in a mosque, when ur back half an hour later, have ur meal. i guarantee you great results.

    peace brother, and happy ramadan.
    Thx for the advice brother.. much appreciated..
    The only big problem is university.. and it's hard to catch up if you are fasting and besides that you are working out.. I am the kind of person that won't stay happy if i don't enter atleast 3 times a week the gym.... Unless i have a serious reason as u do my brother..
    Ofcourse fasting is the most important of all.. no matter what i have to do it..
    N e ways take care..and inshalah enjoy ramadan and your iftars

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    The religion debate in this thread is over. This is not the place.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by rooq View Post
    i just thought that it would common sense to use a test booster... its not like i'm taking roids bro... as for being true to the cause fasting 12 hours a day and sayin prayers 6 times(extra prayer in ramadan) the main thing that is on my mind is god. no disrespect
    salam bro,

    i'd agree with mike combs. worrying about boosting ur test in ramadan is not a great idea. first of all a drop in test for the month will not suddenly cause a loss of muscle mass.

    but most importantly, high test makes it harder to lower ur gaze, which is extra important in ramadan

    make this month about God and the afterlife, not the body that will one day turn to dust. make at least this one month all about strengthening your soul, then go back to strengthening ur body after ramadan.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NuruddinZangi View Post
    salam bro,

    i'd agree with mike combs. worrying about boosting ur test in ramadan is not a great idea. first of all a drop in test for the month will not suddenly cause a loss of muscle mass.
    thank u

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sameerkhan51 View Post
    hi guys,
    I am Muslim and next month is the month that i have to fast and not eat or drink for about 12 hours.. it starts from 5:30am and goes till 7:30pm.
    i am thinking to take ECA stack at 5am with my multi-vitamin and have my breakfast at 5:30 and fast till 7:30pm then have my dinner and go to the gym...
    i am wondering that is that a good idea to go on ECA stack during this period?
    and also how much protein do u think i should take on my breakfast since i will be staying hungry for about 12 hours?
    cant you just...not fast?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jomi822 View Post
    cant you just...not fast?
    funny video mate..
    N e ways i was asking for some great tips about my diet on the holy month... that's all..

  7. You could look into intermittent fasting as an option if that fits.. it was developed with some of the ideas brought about by the fasting states of Muslims during Ramadan and gives a protocol whereby you eat the majority of your calories around your workouts within an 8 hour time frame.

    IF U PLN CUT ON RAMADAN juss switch u r regular cuttin diet from day at night u should break u r fastin with whey + carbs same as pos workout than 30 min hav u r meal than after taraweeh have anotehr meal go train thank post workouit 1hour after another meal than for u r suhur take nigttime protein with carbas and good amount of efa dont forget bcaa when training!

  9. also my advice is dont start cuttin on ramadan and better focus on
    increasin u r faith and prayin and try to be better person in all the ways and icreasin good actions! u could juss start liek a recomp add stuff like sesathin and cla and efas and cortisol blockers with small cal defficit 4 teh month and than after ramadan inshallah start ur eca stack wirh cardio ..ect

  10. Though Novadex/ATD may raise test levels (jury still out) it kills libido in higher doses...75 mg per day and I don't even think about sex for days.

  11. sameer,

    sounds to me like you have a choice between cutting out workouts altogether for about 30 days, or using a modified cutting diet/routine.

    If you just can't stay away from weights for that amount of time, inconceivable, I know, and taking into account the calorie deficit you'll obviously be facing, I think a 30 day cutting phase sounds most appropriate.

    And don't think that continuing gruelling physical training cannot be done during Ramadan. Hakeem Olajuwon's observed fasting throughout his NBA career (that includes training, practice sessions and actual games). All the best man.


  12. I hope you have a nice Ramadan!

  13. salaam alykum,

    i usually gain weight every ramadan so this year i am trying to be smarter about it. in the morning i try to eat some scambled eggs, bread, a protein shake, vitamins and as much water as i can drink

    i havent been able to lift cause i hurt my shoulder so what i have been doing is doing med pace cardio for about 30-40 min shortly before iftar.

    for dinner i have a decent meal of chicken, rice, veggies. before bed i will have cottage cheese or a protein shake. i have also been taking fish oil, flax, and sesamin like i normally do.

    so far this year i have been able to control my weight gain

    ramadan mubarak brother take care


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