Muscular-arms Be-Gone (SOS)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MiniMama View Post
    Thanks Getswole I like the harsh reality of brutal honesty. That also motivates me.

    I understand the time involved for overall weight-loss. However, it's my arms that I'm most concerned with slimming down. I know we generally lose weight evenly throughout, so I guess it all goes together.
    Not always,you can lose more specifically arms since you can keeped them over worked by working them out 3-4 times a week,always keep them really wore out...this will cuase the specific arm muscles to be in a stste where they will feed off theirselves in a sence,they will dissapate more quickly for that reason...keep them really sore from very high rep workouts,like 40-50 reps of dumbell curls,or knee (cheat) pushups....and deprive yourself of protien and you will shrink...muscle wise anyways...if you can get clen from your friend pm me and I can give you a dosing cycle to start,meridia will also be very helpfull

  2. You should post some pictures so we can see exactly what your talking about,seeing pictures I could suggest certain workouts to tone certain parts of the arms ,to keep them toned as they shrink,so your not just left with flab...which wouldn't be good

    and yes anavar is a steroid,but is the one that is the most woman friendly,although still must be watched closely.

  3. On anotrher note,unless you can see veins popping up in your biceps and such,and arms are rock hard...then there is alot of fat on them,probably just normal,but still alot of fat that has to get burned off until you actually see the muscle underneath...women tend to carry alot of fat on their arms,the deck is stacked against you

  4. Quote Originally Posted by WheyGood View Post
    Welcome, MiniMama. It's great that you decided to start posting.

    As far as the late-night cravings go, maybe you should try allowing yourself to have a food that you enjoy that is better for you than ice cream or chips. For example, have a tablespoon of peanut butter with some tea, or a small handful of walnuts (which will help you sleep) or some cashews. It can sometimes be easier to say to yourself, "Okay, I'm going to have some walnuts instead of those chips", because you are substituting a food versus trying to completely abstain from eating. The example foods I listed all have some protein, quality fats, and are low glycemic. I personally have some walnuts or some all-natural peanut butter before bed most nights.

    Regarding your arms being muscular, it sounds as though you are a mesomorph body type. My wife is also naturally "muscular" so I think I understand where you're coming from. She has done a great job getting leaner recently and I've noticed that her arms are much slimmer, even though she is as strong as ever -- she can bench 100 with a spot, which is pretty respectable.

    You are definitely not overweight (I am not saying that!), but because you are in good shape that means that if you lose another 5 pounds there's a good chance your upper arms will
    get leaner as well.
    Yep that's exactly the body-type that I was cursed, I mean blessed with (lol). I do like almonds, macademia, walnuts, etc. & the fruits that was suggested as well. I've done good over the past 2-days w/no cheats except the caffeine-free diet-coke.....The cashier that rings my soda's up asked me why do I even bother drinking them. He said there's nothing in caffeine-free-diet-coke.

    When I was smaller I did have slender arms inspite of my body-type, so you have an excellent point about losing more weight.......I've upped my cardio, water & implemented the greentea. I've taken lots of notes from you all & I can't go wrong w/all this good advice. Thanks so much.

  5. heres a pic of my girl,she has naturally more upper bods and arms then most girls,but she trains and uses it to her advantage..


  6. GetSwole

    I just posted you a long message and somehow it got wiped-out somewhere; then an error message appeared that I was either not logged-in or authorized to post. Well, I've gotta try to get some zzzzz now, but I will definitely follow your suggestions to the & others have been my saving-grace. You addressed EXACTLY the issue that I have & was unable to put into proper wording. Yes, I want to do the opposite of what most bodybuilders do when it comes to arms. I do have naturally muscular arms w/very little fat & the unsightly vertical-veins running down the inner arms (I heard horse-chestnut gets rid of the veins, unsure though). I have loaded up on the protein lately & will pitch & ditch it later this morning. I will try to get some clen, can't ask that particular person, she's actually a client of mine. I know I can get the meridia though.....I use to get phentermine so I'll see if I can get the clen from the same place. Never heard of the Barbie-pill, I'm naturally tan though (not as dark as your girly though...her's is nice on her)

    Does it matter the weight of the dumb-bells, mine are only 3-lbs (prev neck & bk injuries so can't lift heavy). I'm currently on EC thanks to this board, but w/o the A......(1-day I take 25mg of E & 200mg of C). I have lost 1-1 1/2 inches just in the two wks I've been on every area except the arms though. I love the idea that you mention of catabolism, I totally understand that....thank you thank you!!! I'll pm you once I get these supplements. Sorry currently don't have the capability to post pics just yet.

    Your girl has an amazing body....thanks for sharing her photos. Her upper & lower arms look the same size which mine use to. But now my upper are much bigger than lower & I was told that it makes me look like a linebacker. I have a similiar body type to your girlfriend (I think). I am slightly bow-legged & it looks like she may be also, or maybe her legs are just real curvy.....she has a beautiful body. And yes, I need her exact regimen, program, etc. she looks very well toned & I need to get myself down to her size. Thank you so much for the time w/me like this.....that goes for all of you.

  7. No problem,try to pm me again tomorrow or whenever,I'll be glad to get you headed in the right direction...

    HGH would help you also,tightens everything and strips fat over a month or so,just very good all around,one of the few things that can actually extend your life span if used properly...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by getswole View Post
    No problem,try to pm me again tomorrow or whenever,I'll be glad to get you headed in the right direction...

    HGH would help you also,tightens everything and strips fat over a month or so,just very good all around,one of the few things that can actually extend your life span if used properly...

    Hello Getswole, I pm'd you my stats on 8-25; did you get it? It seems to be working for me now.

  9. Of course,always glad to help..


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