question on enhancing fatloss

  1. question on enhancing fatloss

    My diet is check
    i am doing 20 -30 mins cardio everyday
    started venom
    i am taking test e 300 mgs a week and epistane
    anyother products that will enhance fatloss otc
    i have 17 days until i leave for honeymoon and want to sehd off last few pounds of fat so abs are sticking out
    almost there

    should i increase cardio to 45 mins
    advice please
    otc supplements that will add tofatburning that work

  2. Have you tried empty stomach cardio in the morning? Also have you tried altering your diet into low carb or CKD diet? A good setup CKD would work well IMO but I cant say for sure as I have little knowledge as far as if it can be done while takeing test and epi.

  3. Since you are already using a stim, you could check into some non-stims to add to your stack... e.g. DCP, sesathin

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