Emotional Eating and Weight Loss

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    Question Emotional Eating and Weight Loss

    DO you eat chocolates very often?
    Do you eat even when you are not hungry?

    If your answer to the questions raised above is "YES" - You may be a victim of a eating disorder called Emotional Eating.

    I am a female of average height with a balanced physique. To my astonishment yesterday only, I was shocked, when my doc disclosed to me that I was overweight!!!!

    He then cross questioned me about my daily routine and my food habits and lifestyle. And then heaven fell upon me when I learned that I was an emotional eater??????

    Then I decided, to come forward to learn more about this through actual people.

    I will be researching more on the topic and making posts on regular basis. If any body of you has experienced this so called eating disorder or knows anything about the same, please share your experience and related knowledge so that more people like me, who are actually uninformed get a catch here.

    To start with, what I learnt from his mind boggling session was that basically, hurriedness and stress leads people with hectic schedules, one like mine, to eat food without thinking and to make the matter worse, eating food merely because it is present in front of you. He gave me a tip to start with my weight loss sessions – “Remove chocolates from your table top at office”.

    I am afraid if I will be alive to post my next post without having chocolates lol – my best companions in the hour of need…..

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    I eat when I'm not hungry all the time. I have to or I will loose weight. I eat when I remember not when I'm hungry. replace the chocolates with nuts.
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    At my office it is a running joke that if they throw tootsie rolls onto my keyboard, I will eat them as I work

    What your doctor said is reasonable, and believable. Its like anything else tho, there is nothing intrinsically evil about chocolate or wine or beer or ______, its all about quantitites and usage habits. We do have a tendency to eat what is near, so think about this. Do you want a box of snickers on your kitchen counter, or a basket of fruit?
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