Calories Question?

  1. Calories Question?

    What are the best type of calories for gaining lean mass during a bulk cycle?

    a) Calories from Fats
    b) Calories from Proteins
    c) Calories from Sugars

    This is not a test, this a question.

    I have some ideas and did some research but I want to hear from you wizards.


  2. Well it would not be sugar.. proteins and complex carbs would be a better choice IMO.

  3. Protein is the only thing that builds muscle while fat allows the testosterone to be as high as possible.

  4. if you want to continue gaining i have found (for me) the best way to do so is proteins with complex carbs (very low fat).. that is what works for me, that is not optimal for bulking but it was the best way i could stay lean and still grow.. as far as wanting to cut i think keto would be the best way to go..

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