When to workout?

  1. When to workout?

    Just a quick ? here. I work 8-5 M-F, and currently have a workout routine

    I hit the weights around 630PM on those days. No Iím trying to working a set HIIT cardio routine. I'm thinking around 3X a week. I'm debating between getting up early on my off days (W, Sat, Sun) and doing the sessions but I'm wondering if that will be sufficient for a significant fat loss while retaining muscle? Or should I stagger them and re-arrange my workout routine?

  2. I would say try getting up early on your off days and doing some fasted cardio. It seems to be one of the most effective ways of burning off body fat. Just do a search and look around on here because it has been talked about a lot lately. Its pretty simple, just wake up and consume some BCAAs to further help prevent muscle catabolism and then go do your cardio.

  3. morning is always best for working out because your test levels are at their highest and gradually go down throughout the day. I workout around 5:30pm because I cant wakeup early, but it is best in the morning.

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