Major Fat Loss Stack!!! - need help

  1. Major Fat Loss Stack!!! - need help

    Micronized Creatine - 5 g before & 5 g after workout
    P-Slin - 1 cap before workout w/ 80 g carb meal
    Incarnate - 3 caps pre-workout/3 caps post workout
    Leviathan - 1 cap before breakfast/1 cap mid afternoon
    Xtend - 2 scoops pre-workout/2 scoops post workout
    GABA - 3 grams before bed
    ALA - 250 mg post workout
    Flax Oil
    Omega 3-6-9s

    i desperately need help on fat loss supplements. feel free to express any idea on the stack. removals/additions. should i use creatine when cuttting?


  2. What is your diet like and what are you doing for cardio?

  3. dude, like D said whats your diet like, this is most likely where u need help, cardio, too. post it up as well as your stats.

  4. Would CLA, Sesathin, and Green Tea Extract help

  5. eca,thyrotab or dicana, efa and some type of fat burner that will not disturb your sleep.



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